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Bathrooms are more than just a place to wash - it’s your place to relax and unwind after a long day, to get prepared for the new day ahead and to indulge in simple, pampering pleasures. Such an essential living space deserves to look just as good as it makes you feel! From mosaics to metro, our wide range of bathroom wall and floor tiles will help you create an indulgent space to rest, relax and rejoice in your excellent taste in decor.

Which tiles are best for the bathroom?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both beautiful, long-lasting options for the bathroom, and they can often be used interchangeably between walls and floors. There is often some confusion over the differences between these admittedly similar tiles, but they are both classically used for bathroom design. Porcelain tiles are harder to cut and more dense, whereas ceramic is cheaper and easier to cut and shape. Ceramic tiles are soft and light, making them the perfect option for bathroom wall tiles, and porcelain is a more durable and hard-wearing material, meaning they are better at withstanding heavy footfall than bathroom floor tiles. Regardless of what option you choose, we have a large selection of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in various colours, sizes and styles to suit you!

What size do bathroom tiles come in?

Here at Tile Mountain, we have a range of sizes to suit your personal style, space and budget, from our classic metro tiles to our large format stone and marble effect tiles at 1200x1200mm. Small-format tiles are great for creating an interesting, unconventional look as they can be placed in a variety of different layouts and can be combined with others to create a unique look. Large-format tiles are excellent for those looking to create a seamless appearance in their home as they have fewer grout lines for a uniform surface, which is great for a natural, minimalist look.

What is the cost of bathroom tiles?

Our bathroom tiles come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and tastes to suit every budget without compromising on style. Check out our guide to the best budget bathroom tiles.