Bathscaping Ideas – Ways to Decorate The Bath

There’s something so blissful about running a bath after a long, hard day, and we can’t get enough of that ultimate relaxed vibe. A simple bubble bath is enough if it’s been a particularly rough day, but for those days we crave a little extra pampering, we’ve been searching for ways to elevate the experience… introducing, bathscaping.

Our unofficial definition of bathscaping is the art of ‘fancying up’ the bath space and the area surrounding it with posh bath trays, scented candles, luxurious fluffly towels and those special occasion products you use once in a blue moon. Feel free to add in just about anything that rbings you joy, and makes your space feel that little bit more special.

Here are a few of our ideas to help inspire you to get stuck into a bathscaping session, with ways to decorate the bath!

– Modern Neutrals

Neutral colour schemes throughout the bathroom work great for achieving a truly spa-like atmosphere, allowing you to completely relax and escape the real world. The stone textures and wood tones bounce off one another to ensure you can truly unwind. Introduce matt black textures throughout the area to contrast the space, welcoming a sense of luxury. A shelving unit or trolley directly next to the bath allows you to store all of your favourite products so that they are in easy reach when you need them. Use plants and towels to accessorize the shelves, further enhancing that spa-like vibe.

Neutral stone effect wall tiles with modern freestanding bath and trolley with bath products on alongside the bath.

Above, Towns Taupe Beige Matt Anti Slip Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

– Luxurious Marbles

If you’ve kitted your bathroom out with modern, luxurious marbles, continue that feel of expense through the accessories you decide to implement into your bathscaping. Matt black accents are incredibly trendy and are perfect for creating a high end feel across the bathroom. Bathroom Mountain have a huge range of affordable matt black bathroom pieces to choose from, so be sure to check them out! Ensure all your senses are satisfied when designing your bath, including scent. Reed diffusers are the perfect way of ensuring your bathroom always smells the way you want it to, and they look gorgeous too!

Modern marble wall and floor tiles with modern white freestanding bath and matt black accents throughout in taps and small accent table.

Above, The Room White Italian Polished Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles

– Go Completely Monochrome

When your colour scheme is completely monochrome, it’s important to continue this into to your bathscaping to ensure continuity throughout. Our example uses an all grey space, and so we’ve incorporated a grey bath tray with a fluffy grey towel and dark grey products dotted throughout. This ensures a seamless look and continues the elegance and modernity of the monochrome scheme. As much as we love adding plants to our designs, the simple touch of green in the hanging plant adds the right amount of life and depth to the space without it becoming too ‘jungly’.

Grey wall and floor tiles with modern grey freestanding bath and grey accessories throughout.

Above, Lucca Anthracite Anti Slip Matt Stone Effect Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

– Try Something More Eclectic

When a space is described as eclectic, it typically means there is an accumulation of objects that may represent different design styles, sizes, or patterns, all in the same place. The collection of these objects make for a space that looks cosy and warm, with an inviting atmosphere that feels comfortable to us. A collection of soaps, candles, bottles, trinkets and plants add that eclectic feel to our design. We can hear this bath calling our names! The variation of colours throughout the space also enhances that eclectic nature, with a modern grey hexagonal tile used across the walls and the edge of the bath, yet a warm brass style tap used to fill the bath, creating beautiful variation within the space.

Modern grey hexagonal wall tiles with eclectic style decor surrounding bath and on window sill.

Above, Hexagon Grey Wall and Floor Tile

– Use Shelving Above the Bath

This is a simple way of decorating your space, with little effort needed to fit and fill the shelf. Place the shelf above the bath, low on the wall but high enough to easily get in and out. Fill the shelf with all your favourite, most luxurious products, so they’re within easy reach when you most need them! A simple wooden stool beside the bath can also act as an extra shelf for towels and products, and we think these are great for propping a laptop on to binge your favourite show while having a soak!

Industrial style bathroom with orange wall tiles and grey floor tiles, shelf above modern white freestanding bath with wood stool alongside.

Above, Lemmy Nimbus Grey Italian Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles

– Keep it Simple

Sometimes we can get a bit carried away with adding bits and bobs to the side of the bath, and if there are too many products or scented candles it can become a bit overwhelming to look at. This is the opposite effect of that inviting bath feeling we crave! Slimline the products you want to include in your design, maybe just shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a loofer. The simplicity of our design here allows the space to feel clean and elegant, enhancing the luxurious feel we desire.

Marble effect walls and floor tiles with gold veining, modern white freestanding bath with chrome taps and chrome wall mounted towel rail.

Above, Barnaby White Marble Effect Large Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

– Go Traditional

Often we automatically say we want a modern bathroom that gives off a contemporary hotel vibe, but sometimes a traditional scheme can feel much more comfortable. Ditch the cold greys and extravagant marble, and opt for something that reflects a much more homely feel. Rustic bath trays are incredibly on trend, with wood textures working great at achieving a stylishly natural scheme. Curved edges and ornate details throughout the space makes it delicate and airy, perfect for relaxing in the tub! Add plenty of life and character with plants throughout, which will also work to purify the air in your bathroom, what more could you want?!

Teal blue bathroom with traditional freestanding bath, rustic wood bath tray and large potted plant alongside bath.

Above, Village Teal Wall Tiles

– Clean Lines, Clean Mind

On the contrary to our last point, if clean lines and organisation is something you thrive off, design this into your space! Keep all the surfaces clear of unnecessary bits and bobs, like half empty products and random hair accessories. Add one or two pieces to a bath tray, a simple towel and one piece of decor like a vase or potted plant that you really love, and the rest of the space should be free and clear. This is optimum organisation, with all your other products being stored away in cupboards or drawers. Use your tiles to enhance that feeling of cleanliness, with simple designs and perfect grout lines framing the space, like we have here.

Dark grey bathroom with white freestanding bath. Dark wood bath tray holds a couple of product with simple potted plant on shelf behind bath.

Above, Surface Mid Grey Lappato Wall and Floor Tiles

Starting from scratch with your bathroom redesign? Be sure to check out Bathroom Mountain, for all the bits and bobs you’ll need, including your bath! Be sure to tag us in pictures of your bathscaping on Instagram, @TileMountainUK, we love seeing what DIY projects you’re getting up to!

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