Our Top 11 Spa Bathroom Ideas

Designing the ultimate bathroom to go into your very own home is vital in making sure you end up with a truly relaxing and comforting space. It can be easier than you think to enhance that calming environment through the use of certain tones, materials and accessories. The addition of soothing scents and fluffy plush towels is essential to the success of any spa-style bathroom. The recent resurgence in spa-style bathrooms is one we welcome with open arms, so here are our top spa bathroom ideas so you can replicate the style in your own bathroom at home.

1 – Use Neutral Tones Throughout

When you step foot into a spa you’re instantly met with an array of soft textures and light, natural tones. This is easy to replicate in your home by ensuring you don’t choose shades that are too bold and saturated. Stay clear of intense hot pinks and vibrant lime greens. Try subtle beiges and calming greys to achieve that spa style. This can be achieved by introducing natural stone effect tiles like these Delicatto White Marble Effect tiles, or by using wood effect accessories throughout.

White marble effect tiles across the walls and floors of neutral bathroom with wood vanity unit and matt black shower.

Above, Delicatto White Marble Effect Polished Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

2 – Keep Things Bright and Open

Natural light is incredibly relaxing for the mind and body. It feels refreshing to have the natural light flood the room and enhances that feeling of calm. Large windows and skylights are perfect for letting in as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have oversized windows in your bathroom and the possibility of achieving them is out of reach, make sure you introduce light colours throughout the space, and plenty of light fixtures. Pendant lights are great at achieving that luxurious spa like feeling, and can accessorize the space beautifully.

Neutral tone bathroom with beige stone effect tiles across walls, large window to let natural light flood over bath space for spa feeling.

Above, Belize Beige Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

3 – Go Gold with Accessories

Gold has always been a luxurious metal, and it exudes class and elegance when used to accessorize a room. When we step foot in a spa, we want the experience to feel lavish and indulgent, so what better way to extend that into your own space than with gold showers and taps? Bathroom Mountain have a great selection of brushed brass fittings that give off that elegant gold look. When paired with a marble tile from our selection, they create a look that is truly lavish.

Gold shower in shower space with luxurious marble effect tile across walls.

Above, Waterford Brushed Brass Round Thermostatic Shower Set

4 – Use Natural Stone Effects

Textures like stone and wood are perfect for bringing ourselves back in touch with nature. Introduce wood accessories like vanity units or cute wooden stalls, or include a beautiful stone effect tile into your design plan. Stone effect tiles can range anything from extravagant marble to detailed terrazzo, but for that simpler, stripped back spa effect, opt for something more basic, like our Veneto Bone Glossy Wall tiles. Their elegant marble effect exudes modern style, and their neutral beige shade keeps things soft and gentle.

Beige stone effect tile across walls, luxurious freestanding white bath with spa inspired accessories.

Above, Veneto Bone Glossy Wall Tile

5 – Adopt Underfloor Heating

It’s never cold in a spa, they’re always warm and at the perfect temperature for you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Underfloor heating is a great way of keeping not just your feet nice and warm, but the whole room! The heat produced by your underfloor heating is absorbed by the rest of the room, leaving it at the perfect temperature for getting in and out of the bath or shower. There’s nothing worse than jumping out of the shower and landing on a freezing cold floor!

Natural stone effect tiles across floor with bath and bath tray full of products.

Above, Towns Taupe Beige Matt Anti Slip Porcelain Tile

6 – Use Natural Wood Accessories

Much like natural stone can, wood can bring you closer to nature, and feel more relaxed in your bathroom space. It’s a comforting material that can add texture and detail to an otherwise flat space. Accessories like wood vanity units, shelving and mini stools are all popular in spa design, and easy to introduce into your own space. We’ve included a ladder towel rail here to store soft towels ready for getting out that luxurious bath. Mini wooden stools are great for holding all the products you’d like to use in your bath, and add a bit of extra character.

Neutral spa bathroom with wood accessories near to elegant white freestanding bath.

Above, Swing Ice Wall and Floor Tile

7 – Add Plenty of Greenery

It’s always a good idea to introduce plants into your bathroom, whether you’re aiming for a spa style or not. They absorb a lot of the moisture that ends up lingering in bathrooms, and purify the air in the space. For these reasons, they’re used a lot in spas. They’re also used to accessorize a space, and can create beautiful pieces of décor. If you don’t have a natural green thumb, you can achieve the same look with artificial plants, they just won’t provide the same amount of benefits as real greenery.

green wall tiles with wood effect floor tiles, plants surround the elegant white bath tub.

Above, Village Emerald Green Wall Tiles

8 – Introduce Large Showers

Larger showers and shower areas exude class and elegance, and create a truly luxurious shower experience. There’s no squeezing or tucking in in any areas, you’re free to stretch your elbows as much as you like. If you have the space in your bathroom, you can achieve that same experience with Bathroom Mountains selection of shower enclosures and wet room glass panels. Be sure to opt for an equally extravagant shower head, like the Bathroom Mountain rainfall shower heads, to enhance that sense of relaxation. Tile your shower from top to toe for coherence, and there you have your very own spa shower.

Extravagant marble effect wall and floor tiles complimented by large matt black shower area and matt black accessories.

Above, Helsinki Matt Black Premium Easy Clean 8mm Hinged Shower Enclosure 1400x900mm

9 – Use an All White Scheme

White is a pure colour that has the ability to truly refresh any space, making it look clean and new. If a crisp and clean space is what has you calm and relaxed, go for an all white design. Choose white wall and floor tiles, with white bathroom features from Bathroom Mountain. We’ve used our Place White Marble Effect tiles to add a touch of luxury to the space, while keeping the rest of the room a crisp white.

White marble effect tiles across walls and floors, with traditional white bath tub and spa inspired accessories.

Above, Place White Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tile

10 – Or, Use Bright and Refreshing Colours

If your need to use colour is too strong, don’t worry, you can still achieve a spa scheme. Choose muted shades that aren’t too saturated. Saturated colours can energize us and make your mind and body feel awake and alert. For your space to successfully achieve that spa feeling, you need shades that are going to calm you down, allowing you to unwind. Lighter shades like the green in these Oasis Aquamarine Hexagon tiles are perfect for achieving this. The muted blue and green tones aren’t harsh to look at, and compliment the rest of the scheme wonderfully.

Muted green and blue hexagon tiles across sink area and shower area to compliment spa bathroom.

Above, Oasis Aquamarine Hexagon Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

11 – Introduce a Heated Towel Rail

For a warm and cosy bathroom, make sure you choose the appropriate heating option for your space. We love the idea of a heated towel rail, as they ensure you have a toasty warm towel ready and waiting for you when you get out the shower. The feeling of warm towels wrapped around when getting out the bath/ shower is indulgent and soothing, perfect for replicating that spa feeling. Take a look at Bathroom Mountains wide range of heated towel rails to find an option that suits your bathroom design.

Heated towel rail mounted to the wall of a neutral spa inspired bathroom with pink vanity unit and oval mirror.

Above, Barcelona Anthracite Straight Heated Towel Rail 1000x500mm


There you have our spa bathroom ideas to help inspire you with your bathroom redesign. Be sure to tag us in pictures of the results on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing your projects!


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