Our Top Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom can become quite a cluttered and unorganised space, making it appear messy and leaving you with a space that you’re perhaps not in love with anymore. We’ve put together a list of our top bathroom storage ideas, to ensure you can stay on top of being organised and feel happy with your bathroom design again. Before you get organising, make sure you have a big clear out of all the things in your bathroom that you feel no longer serve a purpose. They may be old décor pieces that have been hanging around for years or bottles of product that have an unusable amount in the bottom. It’s important to start with a fresh space, free of clutter, to feel like your organisation and storage is achieving what you want it to achieve.

1 – Create Clever Shelving Nooks in Baths and Showers

When fitting your bath or shower area in your bathroom it’s always worth considering implementing a small shelf or nook in the wall to give you an area to store all your shampoos and body wash. They come in handy when you’re looking for that one specific product and save you from fumbling around on the floor looking for what you need. Ensure you plan this into your space, as it’s something that is tricky to implement once your bathroom is already complete. Tile over the area and seal properly to ensure you have a completely waterproof shelving space.

Metropolis Star in bathroom across floor and in storage nook in wall alongside freestanding bath.

Above, Metropolis Star Black Wall and Floor Tiles

2 – Make Use of Storage Cabinets

Hiding your stuff away is easily done in areas like storage cabinets and simple cupboards. Our friends at Bathroom Mountain have a wide range of bathroom furniture perfect for organising your space. From drawers, cupboards and vanities, they have something for everyone and every design in mind. They also have options for those of us with smaller bathroom spaces like this Monaco Chalk White Side Cabinet Unit, perfect for slotting into an area with limited space, while still providing ample storage.

Chalk White Bathroom Mountain Storage with Cupboard and Drawer on top next to sink.

Above, Monaco Chalk White Side Cabinet Unit 300mm

3 – Hide Away in Mirror Cabinets

Its always important to finish off your bathroom with the perfect mirror over your sink. They’re vital to the process of getting ready, and so should be a part of every bathroom design. They can also double up as a clever piece of hidden storage! Find yourself a mirror cabinet to mount onto the wall, where you can hide away all the products you need first thing in the morning. Bathroom Mountain have an impressive selection of mirror cabinets, with something for every scheme.

Mirror cabinet open with matt black inside and products on display.

Above, Olivia Black Framed Mirror Cabinet 710x500mm

4 – Use Clever Exposed Shelving

Instead of hiding away your products like previously mentioned, there’s also the chance to display and feature them as part of your design. Using exposed shelving allows you to easily see what you have in the space, so you know when to stock up on things like loo roll and hand soap. There are some beautiful product containers on the market to ensure you can make a display out of what you use.

Grey slim exposed storage shelving unit between two sinks.

Above, Monaco Dove Grey Open Storage Unit 300mm

5 – Utilise Potential Wasted Space

Equally to our last point of making a display out of your products, don’t be afraid to store things in wasted space like under the sink. We’ve made use of empty shelf space beneath the sink creating a display of towels, giving them somewhere else to live.

Manacor Glacier Wall Tiles, blue wall tiles with under sink storage in brown cabinet unit.

Above, Manacor Glacier Wall Tile

We hope we’ve given you some ways of getting your bathroom bits and bobs stored in a way that works efficiently for you and your bathroom. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your bathroom design on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

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