10 Cloakroom Tile Ideas

Redoing the downstairs loo? Or more formally known as the cloakroom? You’ll likely be searching for ways to tile your space that works for the area and sparks joy in your home. Lucky for you, we’re here to help, with our collection of cloakroom tile ideas so you can get stuck into the DIY job you’ve been eagerly looking forward to.

1 – Elongate the Space

Methods of making your cloakroom space look bigger and better than it is are plentiful, and your tiles can certainly help with this. Using long tiles in a rectangular format can be great for tricking the eye into believing the space is taller or wider than it is. Use rectangular tiles in a portrait layout to make the space appear taller, or in a landscape format to make the room appear wider. There are an array of ways of laying rectangular, or rather, metro tiles, so be sure to research your options to find the perfect fit for your space.

Grey bathroom with tall rectangular tiles is vertical layout with black bathroom accessories and gold hardware throughout.

Above, Inari Gris Matt Wall Tiles

2 – Keep Things Simple

An easy way of ensuring you’ll love how your tiles look is to ensure you keep things plain and simple. This way, you can dress up the space with decor and furniture, and leave the tiles to work their simplistic magic. We love the look of white metro tiles across the bathroom space, for a truly elegant and sophisticated look, while still offering plenty of opportunity to let your character shine through. If you’re feeling daring, why not try grouting a white metro tile with a bold colour, maybe even black grout, to offer plenty of depth and texture!

White bathroom wall with white counter top basin and chrome hardware.

Above, Linear White Matt Wall Tiles

3 – Go Bold

If the simplistic white metro feels a bit boring for you and your style, try something a bit more daring and out there with a bold black tile! Black tiles can be a great way of adding a sense of originality to your cloakroom, as it’s often a space that ends up looking a bit lifeless and ‘samey’. Black is dramatic and bold, and creates a one of a kind cloakroom. We’ve used our Trend Black Terrazzo Wall and Floor Tiles to reintroduce a sense of texture and depth to the space, to ensure it doesn’t become too one dimensional with all black furnishings and accessories.

Black terrazzo splashback in cloakroom with all matt black bathroom accessories.

Above, Trend Black Terrazzo Wall and Floor Tile

4 – Opt for Natural Stone

We offer a variety of natural stone effect tiles that are sure to work great across your cloakroom interiors. Natural stone can create a truly comforting and cosy atmosphere across the home, while ensuring a trendy and industrial feel for that edge. Tiles with plenty of natural detailing will ensure a textured look, enhancing that contemporary look and feel, whereas subtler tones will blend beautifully into the background of the room, making way for your furniture and accessories to do all the work.

Natural stone effect bathroom wall tiles with wall mounted space saving basin and matt black metal hardware.

Above, Bernini Natural Gloss Marble Effect Ceramic Wall Tile

5 – Keep Things Cool and Grey

Grey creates an incredibly modern look and feel across the bathroom, and has been used by many for that contemporary touch. It creates a blank canvas for various other colours, textures and designs to complement the space, leaving you the opportunity to go crazy or be a little more subtle with your design. With this opportunity comes the decision of keeping the scheme completely grey or introducing vibrant colours to the space. Popular complimentary shades for grey include blues or yellows.

Grey bathroom wall tiles with blue patterned floor and grey wall mounted vanity basin.

Above, Bernini Light Grey Gloss Marble Effect Ceramic Wall Tile

6 – Working with Neutrals

Neutral colours in the downstairs toilet work great at achieving a truly luxurious atmosphere that can be paired with elegant golds or woods to enhance that feel of expense. Neutrals work beautifully in spaces that need a simple backdrop, but are still looing for a bit of character. Tile Mountain have a whole range of neutral tiles that are perfect for smaller bathrooms or the downstairs loo, and they can be paired perfectly with a range of design styles, depending on what you’re looking for.

Neutral beige cloakroom space with white wall mounted basin and matt black details.

Above, Arkesia Cream Wall Tile

7 – Don’t be Afraid to Use Pattern

It’s a common misconception that using patterns in smaller spaces can make them appear much smaller and more crowded, but as long as they’re used appropriately, they can be the perfect accomplice. Choose a design that is detailed and full of character to compliment the size of the space, in a shade that you believe is going to work with your space, not against it. For example, we’ve used grey wall tiles across this bathroom space, so to complement this, we’ve used a blue patterned tile across the floor, creating a modern look with a touch of that traditional elegance.

Patterned blue bathroom floor tiles with grey wall mounted vanity basin and stone effect grey wall tiles.

Above, Mr Jones Azure Blue Pattern Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

8 – Let your Colours Shine

In the same way we encourage you to be brave with patterns across your smaller space, we also encourage the use of plenty of colour! When designing a small space, it’s common to stick to greys and whites out of fear of making the space feel too overwhelming, but this can actually lead to flat and lifeless spaces with minimal character and personality. Welcome lots of blues or pinks to your space for that popular bathroom look, or go crazy with reds and oranges for a more individual look!

Vibrant blue wall tiles as splashback in bathroom with wall mounted basin vanity and matt black accents.

Above, Fulham Aqua Wall Tile

9 – Try Something More Geometric

We’re thinking hexagon tiles. These can feel scary and out of your comfort zone, but actually, when used in the right way, they can create a truly modern and original space. There aren’t many people out there that can say they have hexagon tiles in their downstairs loo! Combine them with your favourite paint shade to bring them halfway up the wall and create a unique splashback, or use them across the floors for an ultra modern and ‘spaceship’ vibe. We love our black hexagons, but for a more subtle look, you can also find them in a simple and clean white shade.

Matt black hexagon wall tiles across bathroom with basin vanity and toilet attached to save space.

Above, Apollo Hexagon Black Wall and Floor Tile

10 – Get Creative With Layouts

When tiling the cloakroom it can feel a bit confusing as to where needs tiling and where doesn’t, as there typically isn’t any shower that needs tiling. The general rule is that the floor and the space behind your sink will need tiling, to protect the area from water splashes. Get creative with how you do this, and try out various layouts. We’ve created a beautiful pink boarder with our Manacor Blush Pink tiles, framing the sink area.

Small pink square tiles framing the vanity area of the cloakroom.

Above, Manacor Blush Pink 100x100mm Wall Tile

Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your tiled cloakrooms on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing your designs!

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