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MP 90 - 1 Ltr - Water and Oil Repellent Protection

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Give your polished porcelain and natural stone the protection it deserves with Fila MP90, a brilliant solution that offers excellent water repellency and oil resistance.

Key Features

  • Does not alter the natural colour / appearance of surfaces

  • Certified as suitable for use on food contact surfaces

  • Seals, protects, makes maintenance easier

  • Available in 375ml and 1L variants

  • Ready to use, no dilution required

Incredibly easy to apply and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Fila MP90 Polished Porcelain and Stone Sealer offers the ultimate in stain and water resistance for polished natural stone and polished porcelain surfaces. Primarily for use with polished marble, granite, and porcelain stoneware, Fila MP90 can also be used as an anti-graffiti treatment for vertical walls constructed from natural stone materials.


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John B. 29/05/21


Will keep tiles from getting marked we hope. Tile Mountain service very good

Verified Buyer

Keith D. 25/05/21

arrived promptly with tiles, tiler

arrived promptly with tiles, tiler happy with product.

Verified Buyer

rose f. 25/07/18

Very good

Very quick delivery and great product

Verified Buyer

Guest 06/07/18

Excellent product

Excellent product

Verified Buyer

Brenda C. 21/06/17

Different sizes and thicknesses

My to let was not impressed with the tiles I bought as they were not all same size or thickness took a lot longer to tile as a result plus when I ordered the tiles the girl had over estimated the tiles an I now have 6 boxes left over not best plesed

Verified Buyer

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Jeff 26/07/21

Hi there, Have ordered the Craquele Fresco Wall Tiles from yourselves, two quick questions about the MP 90. Do these tiles require this, IF SO, do you apply before or after grouting?.. thanks in advance.


Our advice: These tiles do require sealing with MP90 and we would advise doing so before grouting.

Inderjeet 14/01/21

How often do you need to seal the tiles or is it just a one off?


Our advice: We recommend you do this every 2-3 years post-installation for best practice.

Sam L. 08/11/20

Hi I have just purchased imperial grey glazed porcelain tiles do these need sealing and if so do I seal before or after grouting


Our advice: The Imperial Grey Polished Porcelain does require sealing.We would recommend this both before and after grouting

Lucy 16/10/20

Hi, I have installed mid soft Beton outdoor tiles. Will they have to be sealed?


Our advice: These tiles do not require sealing post-installation

Julia 11/09/20

Hi I have unpolished exterior porcelain tiles, is this the best sealer to use, and would I also be best to seal grout with a grout sealer as well.


Our advice: Hi. If they are unpolished porcelain tiles, they will not require post-installation sealing. Please call us on 01782 223822 if you require a more detailed answer in regards to the specific tile.

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