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Ultracare Kerapoxy Cleaner

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Ensure your newly finished tiling project has the sparkling finish it deserves with kerapoxy Cleaner, a specially formulated detergent created to remove traces of expoxy grout from the surface of tiles.

Key Features

  • Strong cleaning formula

  • Ergonomic spray bottle

  • Cleans expoxy from ceramic and glass surfaces

  • Removes surface haze after grouting

  • No hazardous fumes

Kerapoxy Cleaner is a detergent used to remove traces of epoxy grout such as Kerapoxy, Kerapoxy P, Kerapoxy Design, etc from ceramic and glass mosaic surfaces. Particularly useful for them  removal of spray residues after the final wash with water post-installation, Mapei Kerapoxy Cleaner really makes newly installed tiles gleam without the need for excessive amounts of elbow grease! It can also be used to remove any light surface haze that may remain once the grout has dried, and best of all, it does all this without giving off hazardous fumes. Please note that Kerapoxy Cleaner is not suitable for use on polished marble or stone, wood, or methacrylate surfaces.


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