How to Choose Tiles for Your Conservatory

The conservatory can be a wonderful addition to any home. A way to enjoy the great outdoors and a wealth of natural light without leaving the comfort of your home – what’s not to like? If you’ve already chosen your conservatory, then you may be wondering what the best flooring is to use there.

Carole King Dear Designer Photography by Andrew Boyd

Happily, the options are nearly limitless. However, as an area that gets more than it’s share of foot traffic from the outdoors and will experience some extremes in temperature, you will want to consider something that’s both practical and hard-wearing. Thankfully there are plenty of floor tiles that will do just that, making it perfect for your ‘inside out’ space!

Read on to find out which tiles work best for conservatories and some other recommendations we have to keep your space nice and cosy year round!

Wood Effect Tiles

country wood effect tiles

If you have wood flooring in other areas of your home or just love the warmth that natural wood brings to a space, then why not consider wood effect tiles? Made to mimic the real thing, you’d be hard-pressed to recognise the difference but you will notice the difference when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Resistant to scratching or damage, wood floor tiles will create a wonderful floor for a conservatory that looks just like the real thing.

Porcelain Tiles

cement style tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the best options for a conservatory.  With natural slip resistance and virtually no maintenance required, porcelain is an exceptional conductor of heat, making these tiles a great option to pair with underfloor heating. Why not try a concrete effect tile as shown above? The natural variations of the tiles give it a realistic effect – perfect for contemporary interiors or the industrial look that is so popular these days.

Ceramic Tiles

Look cream gloss ceramic floor tile

Available in many different styles and colours, you’ll find a wealth of ceramic options available for your conservatory. They are also easy to work with and cut, making installation a breeze. Depending upon the type of ceramic tile you choose, the tiles may need to be impregnated and sealed prior to use to ensure they can cope appropriately with any extra moisture or mud brought in from the outside. Our Look Cream Gloss Finish Tiles will reflect light, making the most of the natural light a conservatory gets.

Natural Stone Tiles

Tumbled White Travertine

The perfect choice for those who love more traditional styles or a bit of rustic warmth, natural stone tiles are another fantastic option for the conservatory. Again, you will want to ensure your natural tiles are sealed properly before use to keep the tiles from staining but the variations in the surface of stone will make your floors naturally slip resistant. Natural stone also has a tendency to be cooler to the touch than other types of tiles so it’s a great opportunity to consider underfloor heating to warm up the stone, making it a cosy spot to relax with a G&T even in cooler weather.

Other Considerations for Tiles in a Conservatory

Speaking of cosy spots, within our country, most conservatories would remain cold around 8 months of the year. This means special consideration should be made for using underfloor heating no matter what you choose to enable you to use this extra space year round. We recommend using a minimum of 200 kilowatt kits along with insulation boards which keep heat rising to ensure your space stays nice and cosy year round.

We’d also recommend using a flexible adhesive which works best for any extremes in temperatures as a conservatory may experience throughout the year. When applying your adhesive, be sure the floor is completely dry and free of any damp as well as being suitably prepared and primed for a flawless finish.

As it’s common to tile from a kitchen into a conservatory, pay attention to your sub-floors. If you have two different sub-floors, you’ll want to ensure you use expansion joints and anti-fracture membranes to make that transition between floors seamless and stable.

So as you can see, choosing tiles for the floors in your conservatory is a fantastic option for nearly any style. Why not try a free sample to find the best fit for your space?

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