Mediterranean Method: How to Get the Mediterranean Look on a Budget

When you think of the Mediterranean, what comes to mind? Is it blue skies and clear turquoise water, the amazing flavours of the food and the rich full-bodied wine, beautiful encaustic tiles and richly patterned textiles, or the sun gleaming off white-washed buildings? The Mediterranean may be the stuff of our holiday dreams but you can bring the look home without having to spend thousands on hotels and airfare to the countries that create such a stunning style.

Mediterranean style is essentially a catch-all for a number of different countries and regions spanning from North Africa to Western Asia to Southern Europe, all of which share various aspects and overlaps in aesthetics. We may think of the Mediterranean style mostly in terms of how it relates to Spain, Italy and Greece but the influences are far-reaching as cultures and customs have crossed over, been adopted and adapted to individual regions.

There are a few features that are often considered Mediterranean in their influence and these are what we’ll concentrate on today as all these regions take great care to cultivate the warmth, culture and tradition of this easy-to-live-with style.


The Greek Look

Cool white and deep blue are normally what we think of when we consider the style of Greece. This look can be incorporated with the inclusion of large format white tiles which reflect the light even on an overcast day here at home! Consider bringing in pops of deep blue to punctuate the white and large palm plants to get that beachy look indoors.

Our gorgeous Skyros Delft Blue tiles recreate that blue and white combination beautifully in a rich pattern that evokes the look of encaustic tiles without the high price tag (ours are only £19.99 per square metre!).


The Spanish Look

Dark or white-washed wood beams, creamy textured walls, and warm terracotta or encaustic-style tiles are the hallmarks of Spanish style. Combine with wrought iron accents, striking artwork, and comfy textiles to complete the look.

Recreate the look of encaustic tiles with our authentically aged Ensenzia Fenice Pattern Wall Tiles which mimic the look of Spanish tiles beautifully without the high price tag. At just £22.49 per square metre, you can bring Spanish style home. Add warm wood and black accents to complete the look.


The Italian Look

Mosaics and pale colours with touches of warmth can be adapted from the Italian look with a concentration on marble, terracotta or stone tiles. For authenticity, punctuate your room with artisan touches and the warmth of hand-thrown pottery.

For the look of luxury, consider our Houston Modular Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles which mimic the look of natural stone but do not require the upkeep and sealing of real stone. At just £32.99 per square metre, these tiles can be used throughout your living space for a touch of cool Italian luxury and style.


The Moroccan Influence

We can’t ignore the influence of Morocco on interiors this year. While it may not be the first country to come to mind when we think of Mediterranean style, it’s proximity to the Mediterranean coast and its strong design aspect is often seen replicated within the confines of Mediterranean style, so it’s certainly worth a look.

We have a number of Moroccan tile ranges that may fit well with your scheme within our Marrakech range, whilst incorporating some of the other touches of classic Mediterranean style. Consider a full wall of these tiles or a combination to mix and match your way to Moroccan-inspired style.

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As a multi-award winning interior design content creator, Kimberly Duran is an Interior Design-obsessed American ex-pat, who chronicles her decorating journey and dispenses interior design advice in her personal blog, Swoon Worthy. When she’s not helplessly drooling over all the latest trends in design, she’s adding things to the imaginary ‘shopping basket’ in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects with her partner in crime, Wayne, stalking eBay for vintage bargains and filling her home with her favourite neutral – gold.