10 Tips For Creating a Modern Garden Space

As part of our Spring/Summer focus on all things outdoor, we bring you a fantastic guest post from top home and lifestyle blogger Mrs Rackley, who recently used our Surface Outdoor Mid Grey tiles to create a wonderfully stylish external entertaining area for her home. Here she shares her top tips for creating a similarly modern garden space…

We recently took on the task of transforming our entire garden from neglected mess to modern chic last year and with the weather starting to feel more like Spring again I’m going to share my top tips for creating the perfect garden space to enjoy the sun in!

Give the Fences a New Colour

A quick and inexpensive way of updating your garden is to paint the fences a new colour – grey, white, black or a dark brown can instantly make the garden look more modern and crisp. We opted to add a new layer of grey painted fence panels all around our garden border to make them match and create a uniform backdrop.

Create Painted Flowerbeds

White or light painted raised flowerbeds create a focal point in the garden and immediately make it look more modern. Build the raised walls from rendered brick, breeze block or even wood panels to create a dedicated space for plants to be grown.

Create a Stylish Patio Space

Tile Mountain’s new outdoor slab tile range is perfect for creating a stylish patio area; they have so many colours to choose from and the large format slab tiles instantly update the look of the garden. We chose the stunning Surface Outdoor Mid Grey tiles to continue the modern grey theme from our fence panels – using the same tones helps to make the garden flow and feel connected.

Incorporate Glass in to the Design

If you have different levels in your garden or separate sections, use glass panels to make the garden feel more open and glass creates an elegant modern look. We used glass balustrades in place of brick walls between our split level garden which has made the garden look continuous and bright.

Opt for Artificial Lawn

If like me you dislike having to maintain real grass and having mud trudged in to the house from it, invest in good artificial lawn. It looks perfect all year round, requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t become muddy – you can even get grass scented spray to make it smell like the real deal without the fuss! We chose a realistic looking, thick pile artificial grass that has created the year-round immaculate lawn associated with modern gardens.

Use Accent Lighting

As with inside the home accent lighting can make or break a space. Using spotlights shining up to highlight the trees, up and down lighters to highlight walls or festoon lighting to create a starry sky can transform an ordinary garden in to a magical escape on warm summer evenings.

Add Contemporary Statement Pieces

Choosing a few bold pieces of furniture will create another focal point in the garden and add a modern edge. We have opted for tall pyramid patio heaters and a fire pit table, which are both functional but also look very attractive at the same time.

Create Entertaining Space

Use cushions, throws and garden furniture to create spaces that you can entertain guests and spend time in during the warmer weather. Group seats together facing each other to encourage conversation and chill out spaces. You could also use painted pallets to create an outdoor bar area if you have the space.

Use Sculptural Plants

Box plants are often used in modern gardens in groups to create a sleek modern look. Three box balls in varying height planters work great together for this look, as does a row of box plants along your flowerbeds. We’ve also used artificial box hedge along the back of our garden fence to create a streamlined and neat border.

Use Colourful Plants

It’s also useful to incorporate colourful plants amongst the sculptural elements to make the garden more visually appealing. Plan the layout of these plants by not placing the same coloured plants next to each other and by varying the plants by how tall they are supposed to grow to (so not all taller plants end up at one end). It is also worth planting plants that flower in different seasons to make the flowerbeds attractive all year round.

Hopefully these tips will see you right if you’re planning a garden makeover of your own this weekend. If that sounds like you, then why not take a closer look at our new Portico range and check out some of the articles below for some exterior renovation inspiration?

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