2016 Bathroom Trends

Yes, yes, I know, I often say trends come and go and we certainly shouldn’t adhere to them too much for risk of becoming ‘fashion victims’. So when it comes to bathrooms, it might seem totally counter-productive to do trend pieces. After all, a bathroom remodel is a big expense and we certainly don’t want to be stuck with something that will be ‘so last year, darling’ after spending a few thousand pounds. However, there are ‘trends’ that are very now, but look classic enough to stand the test of time. The difference between a trend asking for all turquoise accessories and patterned ceilings and one that requires neutral colours along with classic metals is longevity. In that sense, the bathroom trends for 2016 are very promising indeed.


So, here some of the bathroom trends for this coming year. They are looks that have slowly crept in rather than arrived with a bang (and declared as THE trend by the media) and are therefore more likely to stay relevant in the long term. Warm metals is one of them. Now, it’s all been about copper for a while, but there’s a slow move towards gold and brass. Both have been around before, but this time it’s with a nod to restraint rather than 80s style bling. Combine brass with marble (also very ‘now’) and you will have a beautifully classy look for your bathroom.

Hex Tiles

Hex tiles are a big trend and are here to stay. Think of them as ‘the new subway tiles’, you know, the new black. More interesting than subway tiles, hex tiles will add subtle but unmissable texture and pattern to your bathroom without being overwhelming. They can be used for walls as well as floors, though I would advise to choose one as both might be overdoing it just a little.


Plants are everywhere and the bathroom is no exception. The advantage is of course that many plants will thrive in the humid environment. They will add a splash of organic life to your bathroom to make it look and feel more like an actual room rather than a purely utilitarian area.

Black Grout

If you’re looking to give your existing tiles a (relatively) quick on-trend makeover, then how about regrouting them in black or dark grey. Yes, regrouting is messy, but if it needs doing and your tiles are still good enough to stay on the wall (you know, like the classic subway or metro tiles) then this would be the perfect solution for an update.


Rooms that lack natural materials (and plants) quickly look cold and just a little sterile. So, again, bang on trend, wood is the material to add to your bathroom this year. Whether it’s a mirror with a natural wood frame, a bath caddy, a chair/stool or a cabinet, wood will add some warmth and texture that no other material can. It also very much plays into the natural trend displayed in many other parts of our homes.

Overall, bathrooms are becoming more like actual rooms which match the rest of our homes. One overriding trend you might have spotted looking through all these images is black and white. Bright colours, mismatched towels and ‘fun’ accessories seem to be on their way out this year – unless of course you love that look, in which case the overall 2016 bathroom trends might not be for you after all! But then who says you need to follow trends? Really, the most important thing, is not necessarily following trends but creating a space you love.

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