2018 Tile Trends: The Experts Predict What’s Next!

With so much choice available in the world of tiles today, you may be overwhelmed with indecision when it comes to your next renovation project. After all, tiles are a more permanent choice than perhaps paint or wallpaper and so you want to be sure that whatever you choose has staying power and represents a good investment.

Do you play it safe with the classics or take a risk with something just a bit more trendy? Well, after the success of last year’s expert predictions, we’ve only gone asked nine of the top interior design bloggers for their predictions on what’s going to be hot and what’s going out of fashion in tiles for the next year.

Which colours, styles and finishes will be bang on trend for 2018? Read on to find out!

Ombre Tiling

“I think ombre tiling will be huge for 2018. Rather than purchasing tiles all one colour, the vast variety and colourways of tiles available these days means that people can be much more creative. Tiles laid with a darker colourway at the bottom, then moving up the wall or across the floor to a lighter colourway makes a huge statement and is really effective.” ~ Melanie Lissack, Melanie Lissack Interiors

“I think we will see people get more experimental with effects, eg using hexagonal tiles in different shades to create an ombre effect, from blue to white, or coral to blush pink for example.  This would work well for a full floor to ceiling wall, in either a kitchen or bathroom, paired with dark furniture and brass handles.” ~ Antonia Ludden, #TidyLife

Classic Square Tiles

“I think subway tiles and mosaic tiles are on the way out (at least for now) and classic square tiles are back in.” ~ Carole Poirot, Mademoiselle Poirot

“There’s definitely been a return to the classic square tile. We’re seeing it in bold colourways as well as simple white square tiles with coloured grout. They are normally quite inexpensive as well so it’s a great way to get a trendy look on a budget.” ~ Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy

Colourful Tiles

“I think the current trends for subway and hexagonal tiles will continue, but we have seen a lot of examples in just white up to now, so I think people will keep using these tiles but get more adventurous with colour.” ~ Antonia Ludden, #TidyLife

The New Maximalism

“I’m not going to say that Scandi is dead, but I am going to suggest that perhaps it will have to move over a little to make room for the new maximalism. This isn’t so much a chaotic sense of filling rooms with lots of stuff, but a little more luxe is creeping in to soften all those minimal clean lines. This is partly a reaction to the Nordic dominance of the last few years but also an instinctive reaction to the state of the world. When times are uncertain we want to come home. To the place where we feel safe, and cosy, and comfortable. That means velvet, cushions, and rich, deep colours to create a sense of cocooning and luxury. If it’s tough outside let’s make it soft inside. This sense of luxe will filter down into tiles which we will start to see in stronger colours and with more pattern and really competing against the classic white subway tile.” ~ Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad About the House

Mixing Tiles with Wood

“The trend I can see is for mixing tiling with wooden flooring – and not just this trend being confined to floors but also creeping up walls. Hexagonal tiles are great for this when mixed with dark woods. Or you could be more adventurous by adding patterned tiles into the equation. Or go for a bold patterned tile with poured concrete flooring.” ~ Maxine Brady, We Love Home

Encaustic Tiles

“Many of the most influential of interior designers are using encaustic tiles to spice up kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. From beautiful reclaimed vintage tiles through to newly-made designs arranged in surprising new geometric patterns, encaustic tiles are adding personality and warmth to homes across the country. I predict this is a trend set to last a long time.” ~ Emily Murray, The Pink House

“Tiles with a ‘worn’ finish are on the up and Moroccan patterns are here to stay.” ~ Carole Poirot, Mademoiselle Poirot

Terrazzo Tiles

“We are seeing a real move from the natural look of Italian marble like Cararra to another Italian classic, terrazzo. It’s been used since the 16th century and utilises marble chips in cement to create a wonderful natural movement and pattern on floors or walls.” ~ Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy

Adventurous Layouts

“We aren’t going to see the brick pattern on subway tiles anymore. I think instead people will start to be a bit more experimental with their tile patterns, trying a retro stack bond pattern or using subway tiles to create more interesting basket weave type patterns. I’m going to be installing some really retro baby blue stack bond vertical tiling on a project with some crazy patterned tiles for the flooring and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!” ~ Sarah Akwisombe

Perfect Replicas

“I’m seeing lots of new tiles that resemble something else. Wood, concrete, rusted metal, bricks even. I think it’s a result of the industrial interiors trend that seems to just grow and grow. I’m dying for some Crittall windows. But I digress. Installing concrete lookalike tiles is much easier than pouring concrete. And wood-effect tiles are much less time-consuming than sourcing and installing aged wood. You get the effect without the hassle. They are not to be sniffed at either. I think they look very authentic when done in the right way.” ~ Carole King, Dear Designer

So, there ya have it. Nine different trends that are sure to take your tiling to the next level in 2018! Which ones do you love the most? Anything you think will be a big trend for next year? Let us know in the comments!

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