What is the Best Flooring for Homes with Pets?

Your furry friends are important to you – but so is keeping your floors looking beautiful, clean, and fur-free! When thinking about the flooring options for your home, it’s good to keep your pets in mind. Claws can easily scratch floors, accidents can cause odours, and shedding fur can make those beautiful floor spaces look a bit shabby. So

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)

Durable, hardwearing, and easy to clean, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for a pet-friendly home! It’s a versatile flooring option with loads of styles to choose from including some stunning stone and wood effect designs. LVT is scratch, stain, and water-resistant, so it can be easily wiped down if your furry friends have any accidents in the house. In addition, it is soft and quiet underfoot so it will reduce the noise made by over-excited pets.

Why LVT is Good for Homes with Pets

> Scratch and stain resistant

> Easy to clean

> Quiet underfoot

> Water-resistant

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also a great pet-friendly option for your home due to its durable, hardwearing, and long-lasting nature. Like LVT, it comes in a wide range of beautiful styles and it is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and super easy to clean! At Tile Mountain, we even have some waterproof options available to prevent damage done by any accident-prone pets.

Why Laminate Flooring is Good for Homes with Pets

> Scratch and stain resistant

> Easy to clean

> Water-resistant options available

How To Maintain Flooring in Homes with Pets

> Regularly trim your pet’s nails to help avoid scratches on the surface

> Keep a towel at the entrance of your property to clean and dry dirty paws – dirt can cause fading, staining or even scratches on your flooring

> Place a mat down at the entrances to your property for extra assurance of clean paws

> Brush and bathe your pets as often as you can to avoid their fur getting all over your flooring

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide to the benefits of each type of flooring stocked by Tile Mountain for abodes that are home to furry four-legged members of the family as well as your common or garden humans. If you need any further advice on any aspect of flooring then why not give our friendly customer services guys a call on 01782 223822 or hit us up via the Live Chat function on our website?

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