5 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Most of us can probably only dream of a bathroom in a size that we’d be absolutely happy with. Let’s face it, most bathrooms are on the small side and seem to range rather far down on the list of priorities when it comes to house builders old and new. Most bathrooms are simply this little bit (or even a lot!) too small which makes for a fairly constant struggle for storage. Short of ripping down walls and rebuilding the whole space, there is generally not that much that can be done to actually gain more room. So when it comes to storage, we need to get a little creative.


Finding a space to store towels is one of the biggest hurdles because they tend to take the most room – especially the thick, fluffy ones. Unless you have a large linen cupboard right outside your bathroom door, you will probably have to keep them all more or less on display, so it might as well look good. Repurposing an old ladder and using it with some nice baskets gives you the necessary space and your bathroom a touch of rustic charm.

Wire Baskets

If you need to keep the floor space clear, then using baskets on the wall is a good solution to store bulky items. Use metal baskets with a wide mesh to keep the look light and avoid blocking off any light. If there are any smaller items you need to store, then place a small tray into the bottom of the basket to prevent them from falling through.

Wood Rail

If you like your DIY, then this simple and crafty rail might be suitable. The space above the toilet is often overlooked for potential storage and this idea really does make the most of it. It can be used to hang towels off it and even small baskets with hooks. A versatile and simple idea which is even suitable for a rented space as all you really need to do is lean your construction against the wall.

Bath Tub

If you’re a minimalist looking to hide pretty much every last little bit of clutter from your bathroom, then hidden storage is what you need. Look past the obvious storage solutions and take a peek at these genius ones! Hidden within your bath panels is the perfect storage for all those shower gels, shampoos and even cleaning products. Once closed, nobody would know that it’s even there!


If you don’t have a bathtub and have to make do with a shower, then there’s still the mirror for some hidden storage. Shelves that can be pulled out on either side hide all the small items, creams and cotton buds that tend to clutter up bathrooms.

So, even if your bathroom is as small as mine, with a little bit of creativity and ‘thinking outside the box’ (or the bath tub!), you can find space and storage for all those essentials. I hope you like these ideas and they might inspire you to see your bathroom in a new light.

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Originally from Paris, Carole previously lived in Germany and settled in London in 2009. Initially aspiring to become an interior designer, Carole soon discovered that she hated drawing floor plans, but loved putting the finishing touches in after the main build was done. Since then, she’s never looked back and has eked out a career as an in-demand interiors stylist here in the UK.