5 Reasons Tiles Are Better Than Vinyl

If you’re currently weighing up whether to use tiles or vinyl flooring in your next project, then you’ll likely be wondering about the pros and cons of both. Well, of course, those of us in the know about tiles understand what an incredible material they really are for flooring. Tiles have been used for flooring for hundreds of years and for good reason. What are those reasons? We’ll be getting to that in a second.

While vinyl may, in some instances, be cheaper and faster to install, you may wind up having to replace that vinyl in just a few years and why would you want to put all that time and effort into something that’s not as long-lasting? In fact, there are plenty of reasons to choose tile over vinyl. Here are just five.

Tiles Are More Hard-Wearing

Simply put, tiles made out of ceramic or porcelain will be much more hard wearing than their vinyl counterparts. Ceramic tiles will last 20+ years and porcelain tiles can last up to 100 (yes, really!) when properly installed and cared for. They resist extremes in temperatures and scratches better and clean up just as easily as vinyl. They are perfect for most rooms in the home, including those with higher traffic like such as hallways, as well as rooms where heat and moisture may permeate cheaper materials like the bathrooms, kitchens, or conservatories.

Tiles Come in a Wider Range of Options

While vinyl production has increased in recent years, there’s little doubt that tiles are available in a far wider range of colours, styles, finishes, and patterns than ever before. There is an almost limitless choice for every style and budget out there with over 1000 different types of tiles stocked by Tile Mountain alone. Because vinyl is less readily available, you may be stuck with a much smaller pool to chose from.

Tiles Are Easier to Clean

It doesn’t take much to clean tiles – a simple mop will keep dust at bay and a bit of tile cleaner will get out whatever muddy boots, pets, kids, or simply what life has to throw at them. With a proper seal where required, tiles are highly resistant to staining, etching, chipping, and marking (even natural tiles!).

Tiles Give You More Creative Freedom

Given the fact that tiles come in nearly every shape, size, colour, and finish imaginable, there are so many more things you can do with tiles than you can with vinyl. Want to create a pattern that goes from the floor and up the wall? No problem. Want to use lots of different sizes of tile to create a mural? Totally do-able. Want to do that with vinyl? You’re going to struggle. The fact is, tiles – given the infinite options available – provide you the creative freedom to express your style in whatever way you want.

Tiles Look More High-End

If you want a high-end look in your home without breaking the bank, tiles are a far better option. They hold their retail value far better and simply look more expensive. You can create a stunning finish with tiles in your home and go one step further with installing underfloor heating, creating a must-have feature for future buyers.

We hope we’ve convinced you that tiles are a far better choice for your project than vinyl. Still not sure? Check out our cut tile sample service where you can ‘try before you buy’ for free!

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