May Bank Holiday DIY Ideas: Quick Interior Improvements You Can Do With The Kids

If you think you only have two choices when it comes to the bank holiday – spend time with the kids or get some DIY done – think again. Involving your children in taking pride in their home is a great way to teach them responsibility and allowing them to help you with DIY or craft projects means both priorities are tackled at once!

While you need to be sure your children are safe at all times, having your guidance and direction at any age provides a wonderful way to learn skills as well as a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. If you are planning on some DIY this bank holiday, here are a few things you can do to get your kids involved.

Plant Up

Children love learning about nature and it’s a great opportunity to get messy too. Lay out some protective sheeting on the floor and allow the kids to mix and match plants, seeds, planting soil, and pots to use around the home. Why not take your kids with you to the garden centre to choose herbs or veg and create your own indoor garden? Children of nearly any age will enjoy watching their hard work grow with a little care and sunshine!


Painting a room may seem a big and daunting job but the great thing about it is that if anything does go wrong, it’s easily fixed. So why not get out the dust sheets and painter’s tape and get the kids involved in painting a space? Be sure to choose paints that are low-VOC and bring them along to decide the colours for their own bedrooms or play area. Cover or remove anything from the room that you don’t want to get paint on and provide them with brushes or a roller and let them have a bit of fun!

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Kids always love science projects so why not get them involved in creating some eco-friendly cleaning products? Vinegar and water make for a great window cleaner and if you add a bit of lemon juice, you can create a cleaning product with a natural bleaching agent. Check out our tips for creating natural cleaning products and you never know – you might just find the kids want to use their ‘chemistry experiments’ around the house! Two birds, one stone!

Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a little artist or two in your family, why not help them show off their favourite pieces by creating a gallery wall in their bedroom? Gather up inexpensive frames, washi tape, or poster hangers and allow them to help decide where each piece will go. Start by laying out your ‘gallery’ on the floor first to decide how they’ll look on the walls and once that’s done, have fun hanging the art together.

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