Best Budget Bathroom Tiles

In light of recent events, great swathes of the population, whether they like it or not, have suddenly got a lot time on their hands. Due to the current lockdown in force in the UK enacted to combat the spread of Coronavirus, a lot of folks are getting reacquainted with their interiors and filling the time by refreshing oft-used rooms such as bathrooms. If that sounds like you and you’re looking for some suggestions for bathroom tiles that look swish but won’t leave a massive hole in your bank balance then look no further as we bring you our Best Budget Bathroom Tiles…

Best Budget Tiles For Bathroom Walls



You can’t go wrong with a classic and the fact that the iconic design of these subway style tiles is still going strong tells you all you need to know about timeless aesthetics. These brick-like glossy rectangles of ceramic wonder compliment pretty much any design scheme you can think of – retro-classic, modern minimal, Scandi – and are guaranteed to bring a splash of quintessential style to proceedings. They’re incredibly easy to install and look after too and you can even stamp your own personality on things by mixing and matching the myriad of colours Metro tiles are available in or using a contrasting grout to really catch the eye.


Brix Anthracite

Split-Face Mosaics certainly look great but the genuine article is often constructed from real natural stone (such as slate or marble), require quite a bit of looking after and aren’t particularly easy on the bank balance either. Enter Brix Anthracite– an easy on the eye solid tile that authentically replicates natural slate split-face mosaics in one handy, easy to install format. Brilliant for bathrooms, these elegant tiles offer a contemporary aesthetic when teamed with modern sanitary ware and are an ideal solution to the old ‘genuine split-face as a shower wall’ quandary (you can expose these to direct water whereas ‘real’ split-face mosaics will eventually become damaged by water ingress (no matter how much you seal them).


Royal Polished Porcelain

If you’re after a bit of high class and high gloss at low cost then Royal Polished is the range for you. These gleaming, expansive wall tiles are really regal when it comes to high-end contemporary aesthetics and wouldn’t look out of place in the glittering palace of a billionaire Sheikh (or failing that, a very upmarket London or NYC hotel). The great thing about them, aside from the budget-friendly price tag, is that they’re very versatile too and can be deployed to give a bathroom that exclusive high-end spa look, inject a sheen of cosmopolitan chic into lounges, or even expand an aesthetic from a mixed use are into a reception room or diner.

Best Budget Tiles For Bathroom Floors


Place Marble Effect

Marble is back in a big way and this year we’ve seen it permeate into interior trends in a very visible manner. Whilst marbles never really ever go out of fashion, they’ve jumped from bubbling away on the backburner right into the mainstream and we’re seeing a lot of the fresh, clean and undoubtedly high-end aesthetics of white Calacatta marble in bathrooms of all types of late. If you want a piece of that particular action but don’t want to content with the high cost and upkeep that genuine marble demands then point your browser in the direction of our Place Marble Effect tiles. Available in 590x1182mm, 600x600mm variants and in matt and gloss finishes, these classy tiles go well with chrome and gold accented accessories and fittings or can be teamed with darker marble effect tiles for contrast.


Chess Black & Chess White

Nothing is black and white, they say. Well, ‘they’ clearly haven’t seen our Chess range – a startlingly simple yet visually impactful range of floor tiles that are both cost effective and timeless. As the name suggests, these are designed to be laid in that checkerboard style that was previously only ever seen on the floor of the Al’s Diner in Happy Days or in floor cleaner adverts but which is now back with a bang amongst interiors aficionados. We’re seeing this type of floor tile layout being teamed with floral wallpapers in bathroom settings quite often, but that’s not to say that they can’t be used to devastating effect when teamed with other tiles (you can’t go wrong with a Chess x Metro White and Metro Black mash-up).



There’s nothing more stylish at the moment than a weathered wooden floor, but unfortunately, there’s also seemingly nothing more expensive (especially if you go for the real thing). Thankfully for the style and budget conscious there’s a wealth of awesome wood effect floor tiles on the market at the moment, the most wallet-friendly of which being our Sandalo Wood Effect range. Available in two natural-looking colourways; Sandalo Taupe and Sandalo Grey Natural are perfect for creating a relaxing roomscape evocative of Scandinavian saunas – just team with lots of brushed metal fittings, pared back lighting and some choice soft-texture accessories and you’re as good as there!

Best of Both


Derwent Beige Matt

Natural stone never goes out of fashion but being prepared to pay over the odds for it does. Thankfully for those that want that inspired by nature look but don’t want to have to take a second mortgage out to get it, there’s plenty of cost effective stone-look tiles out there, like Derwent as seen here. Constructed from durable porcelain and suitable for both walls and floors, this budget-friendly behemoth takes its design cues from natural sandstone and looks great when installed on bathroom floors with the aesthetic continued up onto walls. Just add some timber vanity units and dark-hued towel radiators and brushed steel fittings for a modern, spa-like roomscape.


Mr Jones

Patterned tiles are so hot right now as the ‘encaustic’ styles made famous by the likes of Thomas Minton and reaching the height of their popularity during the Art Deco period have come thundering back into the collective conscious. If you’re lucky enough to have unearthed some originals then hold on to them for dear life as acquiring restored Minton tiles can cost a small fortune. Don’t worry if you haven’t happened upon any though as you can achieve the period feature laden bathroom of your dreams with our Mr Jones range of encaustic-style wall and floor tiles. Deploy on walls for a touch of Victoriana or use to create an eye-catching feature floor and top the look off with a stylish roll-top bath.



Here’s another nature inspired wall and floor tile that’s just the ticket when it comes to fashioning a contemporary bathroom – it’s our sleek Stoneline range. Constructed from glazed porcelain and featuring a matt finish, these stone effect tiles not only look like they were hewn from metamorphic rock thousands of years in the making but they feel like it too. Team with modern, angular sanitary ware and chrome accents for a touch of modish vogue, or go full on rustic with reclaimed units, timber bathboards and natural hanging foliage.

As always, we’d like to see your pics should you be indulging in a bit of bathroom renovation (or even if you’re not – we just really like photos of tiling projects). Hit us up on Twitter @TileMountainUKFacebook or tag us on Instagram!

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