Brighten Your Kitchen Up With Our Colourful Kitchen Ideas

Here is our advice on how to effectively use colour across your kitchen space to liven it up and add character!


– Use a Classic Blue and White Colour Scheme

Blue and white is a timeless way of decorating your kitchen space and has been used for years and years for a clean and sophisticated look. The pairing goes together like cheese and wine! Working with deeper blues can be a sure way to create a calm and inviting space, making the perfect kitchen to host guests or to have a relaxing coffee in the morning. Try pairing multiple shades of blue together to create a bold and characterful space in your kitchen design.

Above, Manacor Glacier 100×100 Wall Tile

– Go Green

Green kitchens can be a sure way of getting in touch with nature and the outside world. It can be a strong colour when used for interiors, but when used in the right way, it can create an inviting and soothing space. Deeper greens like those used in our example work great with woods and other complimentary natural tones, to enhance that naturalistic atmosphere.

Above, Manacor Mint 100x100mm Wall Tile

– Get Cosy With Brown Shades

Decorating your home with browns has been hated on in the past, but it’s making a comeback and is now bigger and better than ever. There is now a luxuriousness to the colour, making the space feel more elegant and expensive when used correctly. Its warmth relaxes and soothes the eye, creating the perfect kitchen space for those who want to take it easy and chill out in their space.

Above, Clay Cocoa Wall Tile

– Don’t be Scared of Using Black

The use of darker colours in the kitchen is something that is becoming increasingly popular among design trends. Black can be a certain way of adding drama, strength and power to a space, showing off your personality and character. It doesn’t have to be scary using black in your space, a simple black splashback can still give off a courageous effect.

Above, Metro Matt Black Wall Tiles

– Try out a Bold Yellow

Yellow is the best choice if you’re looking for a colour that is going to wake you up in the morning. it energizes you and your senses, getting you off to a great start for the day ahead. It energizes you and your senses, getting you off to a great start for the day ahead of you. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, so where better to implement such a bold colour? It brings a cheerful energy and positive atmosphere to any space, which is especially enhanced when used in the kitchen. Yellow can also be a great option if your space lacks natural lighting, as it will automatically brighten up the room, bringing it back to life.

Above, Clay Chequer Sand Floor Tile

– Use Fresh Pink Palettes

Pink is a bright and exciting colour, which is sure to liven up any space across your home. It’s no longer considered to be a frilly, girly colour, with muted shades of pink becoming more and more popular. When teamed with greys and whites, a strong modern look can be achieved in your kitchen space.

Above, Kromatika Hexagon Rosa Pink Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

– How do we recommend choosing the right colour for your kitchen?

Choosing the right colour to implement into your kitchen space can be scary and daunting, as it can go so right or very wrong, depending on what colour you choose and how you compliment the shade. It is said by many that we all see colours differently and in our own unique way. So our choice of colour may always be influenced by what is trending and popular at that time. Our advice would be don’t jump straight into what’s trending and choose a colour you may go off in the next five years. Choose a colour you’ve always loved to be sure you equally love and adore your kitchen for years to come.

Use your chosen colour carefully. Don’t get too excited and splash it everywhere and anywhere. Find another colour that compliments your choice nicely, and combine the two, or three, to work seamlessly across your kitchen.

If you’re still scared about implementing colour into your kitchen, try doing it through the use of kitchen appliances and accessories, that way you can easily change them out if you one day decide you don’t like the colour anymore!

But we think you should be brave, put your favourite colour wherever you want it to go! Its your kitchen! Be sure to tag us in your colourful creations on Instagram, @TilemountainUK

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