The Cottage Style Kitchen

If you’re the sort of person who has a very personal approach to interiors, prefers cosiness to being cool and maximalism to minimalism, then chances are you might like a cottage kitchen. Or, if you don’t actually own a cottage, at least a cottage style kitchen. Cottage style kitchens are full of homely warmth and lived in charm which makes them perfect for family life. They’re not about strict rules or all out matching accessories and work well with all the small things we collect over the years.Β So, if you’re looking to create something like a cottage kitchen, then here are a few tips which should help you.

Small Island

First of all, keep the colours soft and light. No glaring reds, harsh black or shiny metallics here. Cottage kitchens (even when new) should have a little bit of a weathered look to them. If at all possible and space permitting, an island (even a small one) is one of the cottage kitchen staples.

Vintage Table

One of the most charming aspects of an original cottage kitchen is that collected items are being mixed. Whilst it’s fine to introduce the odd modern piece, the emphasis for everything should be on natural materials. Worn wood and leather work beautifully alongside rustic crockery and green-tinted glass.

Bristol Tiles

Have fun – As already mentioned, cottage kitchens aren’t about rigid rules and that also goes for the walls. Tongue and groove is a firm favourite and classic, however, tiles are never wrong either. Keep to the muted colour scheme, but have fun with patterns to soften the overall look and give it a little bit of a boho feel.

Modern Cottage

Open shelving, a butler sink, painted wood units. These are the staples of any cottage kitchen. Pretty dishes and vintage tins just beg to be displayed on the open shelves (it would be a shame to hide them in cabinets, right?) and are the decorative touches needed for a relaxed feel and atmosphere. If you have tired, old cabinets, take a paint brush to them and give them a cost-effective makeover. Don’t worry too much about a completely perfect finish, it’s exactly the imperfections that will give your units the perfect look.

Metro Sage Tiles

If patterned tiles aren’t your thing and you don’t fancy wood-clad walls, then you should stick to real classics like subway tiles in muted colours. These tiles work with any kitchen and are a fantastic choice if you’re undecided about the style and direction you want to take your kitchen. They are adaptable and suitable for use with any style, accessories and materials.


Last, but not least, if your style lends towards boho, then consider shopping for small furniture items on flea markets and second hand shops. As long as you keep the materials natural and the main colours neutral, you can mix like crazy, add the odd splash of bright and combine pieces that might seem mismatched at first. Add flowers, fresh fruit, vintage vases and baskets to complete the look. Remember, it’s all about creating a cosy and lived in feel, not about perfection.

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Originally from Paris, Carole previously lived in Germany and settled in London in 2009. Initially aspiring to become an interior designer, Carole soon discovered that she hated drawing floor plans, but loved putting the finishing touches in after the main build was done. Since then, she’s never looked back and has eked out a career as an in-demand interiors stylist here in the UK.