How to Create a Cosy Vibe This Autumn

The weather is on the turn again and there’s a distinct crispness to the air. Leaves are beginning their descent and that ‘Game of Thrones’ reference keeps getting thrown about – well, “winter is coming” seems appropriate at the moment! I have to say that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the colder months. I love a bit of sunshine to lighten my mood and having to leave the house with 14 layers and an umbrella is always a bit of a let down. However, there is a wonderful cosiness to the season that we can bring into our homes this time of year and so it certainly isn’t all bad news.

Whilst you may gleefully pull out your woolly jumpers and knee high boots for regular rotation in your wardrobe, do you do the same for our home? You probably should! Here are a few quick ways to create a cosy vibe to make the most of the season. I can pretty much guarantee it will make anyone – even me – feel better about the colder weather!

Cosy Throws

sofa with cosy throw

Like wrapping yourself in a gloriously huge winter jumper the whole family can enjoy, a warm oversized throw on the sofa makes for the cosiest Netflix binges. While it may be wet and miserable outside, you’ll be happily wrapped up with your loved ones warmed by the latest must-see TV. Choose a faux fur throw for a bit of luxe glam or a cosy knit for a casual vibe.

Faux Fur Cushions

faux fur cushion on bed

Speaking of faux fur, this is the perfect time to add a bit of fluffy texture to your sofa or bed. It’s hard to resist a touchable texture and faux fur begs to be touched. So why not create a little nest with a few furry throws to make settling down that much more lovely? On your bed, layer up different textures and colours for an inviting mix.



One of the things I really love about the nights drawing in sooner is the fact that I can burn more candles. You can choose a soft scent to fill the room with a glorious aroma or simply light them for the warm glow and heat they radiate. Mix up your selection and dot them around your space. There are so many different kinds of candles on the market – from beautiful candelabras to church candles filling your fireplace or small tealights dotted along a surface. Of course, you don’t want to leave a burning candle unattended – safety first!

Fairy Lights


Of course, fairy lights may be de rigueur for Christmas but there’s no reason not to enjoy them for the entire winter period. Strung up along a fireplace mantle, around a large mirror or along a console table, they create a wonderful soft light perfect for relaxing. Get creative by filling up a large vase, string them across a bed frame or use them in a non-working fireplace to quietly light up a room.

Make Friends with the Dark


The latest trend is all about  walls bathed in darker shades from slate grey and indigo to deepest green and chocolate brown. If you have a room that doesn’t get much in the way of natural light and you use the space mostly in the evenings, then why not come to the dark side? Be sure to include lots of textural neutrals or pops of colour that will stand out against a deeper backdrop and be sure to include various light sources to create small pockets of light.

Add Sparkle

boho styling with pink and gold

And finally, while the sky may be overcast and a little dreary, add a little sparkle to your interiors with light-reflecting materials like gold and copper. These warm metals are bang on trend and coordinate with nearly every colour out there. Add some luxe by way of a gilded coffee table or just a touch with a set of copper tea light holders.

How will  you be embracing the autumn in your home this year? We’d love to see how you make your home cosy! Tweet us at @TileMountain1 or leave a comment down below!

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As a multi-award winning interior design content creator, Kimberly Duran is an Interior Design-obsessed American ex-pat, who chronicles her decorating journey and dispenses interior design advice in her personal blog, Swoon Worthy. When she’s not helplessly drooling over all the latest trends in design, she’s adding things to the imaginary ‘shopping basket’ in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects with her partner in crime, Wayne, stalking eBay for vintage bargains and filling her home with her favourite neutral – gold.