Customer Tile Style Profile: Darren’s Bathroom Makeover

Our new Customer Tile Style Profile feature takes a closer look at some of the amazing renovation and redesign projects our customers undertake using products from the Tile Mountain range. The inaugural edition features Darren Flemming of Cleethorpes, who refreshed the en suite bathroom of his home at the start of the year using our Country Honey floor tiles. We caught up with him to chat about the project…

What were the circumstances behind the project?

We’ve moved into our house about seven years ago, and as this room is our en suite (not seen by others) it never really got to the top of the ‘To Do’ list until January this year. Tackling the en suite was well overdue; the old floor tile grout was cracking as the tiles weren’t laid correctly, paint was peeling off the ceiling from ill preparation/ventilation, and the taps were tarnished and showing their age, you get the picture!

Was your choice of decor & colour scheme influenced by the tiles you chose, or did you pick the tiles to fit in with a style you’d chosen for the rest of the room?

We spent several months discussing styles – we wanted simplicity and ease of cleaning, hence the wall hung white furniture and PVC panelled shower enclosure. We didn’t want to use wooden or plastic skirting so the wooden tiled floor and upstand were perfect for the job. Incidentally, it was one of the customer photos of these tiles used as an upstand that sold it to my wife!

What made you decide that the tiles you chose were the right tiles for your project?

We ordered several tile samples, all wood effect, and we felt the Country Honey looked the best for the budget we had set plus they offered a semi non-slip surface, perfect for an area than can get wet.

How long did the project take to complete and did you do the tiling yourself or hire a professional tiler?

I started on new year’s day this year and completed it in about eight weeks. I did all the work except the plastering and laying the tiles. I did lay the backer board but not the tiles.

What part of the project was most difficult and why?

The plumbing created a few headaches – only the toilet remained in the same place and everything else was relocated to other end. The hardest part was the floor-standing bath and making the final connections for the hot and cold taps. With the benefit of hindsight, I know how to make this easier next time.

Do you have any further decorating projects lined up?

Our bedroom is next, so no tiling I’m afraid.

What advice would you give to people considering undertaking a similar project?

I saved hundreds by shopping around on-line. Take advantage of the sales and order samples where offered. I used the design software Sketchup  – there is a free trial option and it is great. It allows you to design your room, make changes to layouts, plus try different colour schemes. There are plenty of tutorials on-line.

What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Tile Mountain?

I would highly recommend Tile Mountain – this is our second order and we haven’t been disappointed with either of them. The savings are significant when compared to local suppliers.


A lovely project all-round and a great way to kick off the new series we think you’ll agree. If you’d like to see your project featured in our monthly Customer Tile Style Profile, simply leave a review of the products you bought and share photos of your completed tiling project on our Facebook wallIf we use your photos on our website we’ll send you a crisp £10 Amazon voucher for your troubles and even make you internet famous for a bit in this very feature!

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