Dark Focus For Floors

When planning a new colour scheme, the generally received interior design ‘wisdom’ is that a pale floor colour will enhance a room, making it appear larger and more spacious. Well that’s fine if you like pale shades of course. But what if you want to make a bold design statement? Let’s have a look at the dark side…

We admire the way the dark tones of our large-format (1200mm x 1200mm) Bayona porcelain tiles emphasise the scale of this dramatic roomscape. Perfection in dark tones – but of course it could be brightened up by some jewel-shaded cushions, throws and a rug!


Back To Black

Whilst looking for some inspirational dark colour schemes, our first port of call was Farrow & Ball – the paint honchos recently introduced some cracking new shades including Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink, both of which would add a darker tone to a room. Incidentally, they both work with a huge number of natural colours for slate and natural stone tile designs too. This Lotus wallpaper in black and white is a bold choice, and is completely enhanced by a black floor. If you don’t want a painted floor, try our Extreme Black Polished Porcelain floor tiles to add a touch of luxury and glamour.

On The Tiles

Using dark shades in a small space is a good way of emphasising and defining that space; our traditional encaustic-style Liverpool and Exeter porcelain floor tiles come in darker shades, with a hint of off-whites, allowing the floor to be a dark pool of focus in large or small spaces. Remember, busy spaces such as hallways or porches wear darker colours well, and dark hues are also rather more practical than glossy whites and creams.

Rugs & Throws | John Lewis

Rugs & Throws | John Lewis

Green Themes

Emerald green is set to become the accent colour for Christmas this year, and of course it works with all the Christmas colour schemes as well as adding a touch of glamour to a room. We love this way it glows against a dark rug … take a look at other dining accessory ideas from John Lewis.

Layering Up

Ok, so you may be perfectly happy with your light-coloured primary flooring, but what if you want to add some interest with darker shades? A wool or textile rug isn’t really ideal for a kitchen or dining room, especially if you have a messy family! One solution could be to add a vinyl rug; we’ve spotted these from Modern-Rugs, they will sit beautifully flat on a tiled floor, adding a bit of interest to a plain area.

Dark Neutrals  

Another rug option, this time it’s Modern-Rugs Tanger in Beige which effectively (and attractively) combines dark and light colours.

Smart Lines

We love the design of this room – it combines both very light shades and darker, more dominant shades. And it proves a point too; that it’s very straightforward to combine light and dark in one floor design. The advantage is flexibility, allowing other elements of the room such as wall-coverings and upholstery, to fall into both light and dark categories. The patterned tiles are our Marrakech Bellisa Silver .

In Contrast

Go for a darker grey floor, but soften the overall look with natural elements – such as timber details and perhaps some greenery; use fabrics or artworks to lessen the tendency to an ‘industrial’ look when using tiles with a cement or concrete aesthetic. These are our Flat Grey Cement tiles, suitable for both walls and floors. Remember that even dark shades can look lighter if the tiles in question have a glossy finish; matt finishes tend to make dark colours look much more dense.

Warming Shades

Some warm colour suggestions for your new decorating scheme; Toasted Clay, Spicy Sandalwood, and Burnt Desert; all by Dulux and suited to adding a pop of colour or a darker contrast to a tiled room. Remember that the visual and physical perception of a fully tiled room can be made warmer by choosing cosy, warm-toned colours and adding textile details in the form of rugs, throws and cushions.

How are you using dark colours for your flooring choices? Let us know in the comments or share your photos with us by tweeting us @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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