Easy New Year Updates for Your Home

I love the start of a new year. While it may still be a bit cold and miserable outdoors and the festive season with all its glitz and fun over, there is something to be said for the clean slate a new year affords. It gives us the opportunity to look forward, to create new goals, to reassess where we are going and what we are doing. And while you may be considering some introspective goals, it may benefit us to see if our surroundings are actually moving and growing with us.

I’m not one to make ‘resolutions’ per se but I do like to write down some concrete goals for myself and what I’d like to achieve in the new year and this includes any improvements we may be making around our home. There are always little things that can be done, both big and small, and planning for these changes to keep your home improving and evolving is not only a good investment for your home, it’s a good investment for our mindset as well.

There are lots of simple things you can do in the New Year to update your home without a huge outlay. Today, I wanted to share a few ideas of simple things you can do to refresh your home this January.



I always say there is nothing more transformative than a tin of paint. Want to try a new colour out? Want to go from light to dark? Are your walls looking a little tired after a year of kids, pets or simply use? A fresh coat of paint can give your room a brand new look for less than £50. The most important step for painting walls is prep. So make sure your walls are clean, free of any peeling paint, dirt or grease, and tape off and cover areas you don’t want to get paint on. You can get a whole room done within a day and have a fresh new look by morning.

Add a Rug


We may think of a rug as an afterthought in our decorating but it takes up so much real estate and can change the whole feel of a room with one simple purchase. You can bring in an additional colour, tie a theme together, quiet a busy space or bring a bit of texture and pattern into a plain one. Always ensure your rugs are big enough: In the living room, the furniture around its perimeter should have at least the front feet on the rug and in a dining room, you should be able to comfortably move out the chairs to sit without the chair coming off the rug. Is your rug not big enough? Try layering smaller rugs on each other to give the illusion of a larger rug.

Hang Some Art

art above and around bar cart

If you have a few bare walls crying out for some love, jump on the trend for larger pieces of artwork to give the space some gravitas. When choosing artwork, it should always be with your heart first and your head second. What do I mean by this? Only buy pieces you truly love and that you feel some emotional connection to (this is a very subjective thing of course!) and your second thought should be whether the colours and feelings of the piece marry well with the room in which it is going – not the other way around.

Upcycle a Piece of Furniture


If you have some pieces that are looking a little worse for wear, will a new coat of paint bring it back to life? There are so many different paint techniques on the market now – you can give a picture frame or lamp a gilded edge with gold spraypaint, update a chair with chalk paint, give a console a new lease on life with a glossy finish. If the piece is practical and is built well and is not a precious antique, then perhaps a little update is all that’s required to make it shine again.

Update Your Hardware


This is such an easy trick to give your kitchen cupboards or a piece of furniture a new look. Consider replacing your current handles (which may be looking a bit tired or out of date) with new ones for a fresh take. Again, the market is awash with different options, from simple wood pulls to vintage glass, leather pulls, copper, brass and everything in between for every style. We updated our kitchen recently, replacing the old handles with sleek brass pulls (seen below) and it completely transformed them for less than £100.

Replace Your Kitchen Splashback


Speaking of the kitchen, it may be time to start a new tiling project. We sell a huge range of inexpensive tiles here at Tile Mountain and your kitchen splashback may be a great start to giving the hub of the home a brand new look for the year. Will you choose the classic white metro tile? Perhaps you want to bring in a bit of country warmth with travertine mosaic tiles? Or perhaps you’d like a luxe look with a Carrara Marble style tile?

Replace Flooring


In the same way, your front entrance may be a nightmare to keep clean with muddy and wet feet (and paws!) coming in and out in less-than-ideal weather. Changing your flooring to something hard-wearing and easy to keep clean can not only give you a new look, it can also mean an easier life with a simple mop or sweep to keep it looking pristine. We carry a fantastic line of wood-effect tiles which give all the warmth of real wood with the ease of ceramic tiles. Of course, if you want to keep up with the trends, 2017 is all about the patterned tile so why not refresh your space with our black and white matt floor tiles or ones which are Moroccan-inspired?

Change Your Lighting


And finally, consider your lighting in a room. With shorter days and longer nights, we’ll be relying more on artificial light at this time of year. There are so many different ways to light up a room – from wall lights to table lamps, floor lights and ambient light – the options are nearly endless. You can go for a big change with your main lighting – try something bold and oversized or warm up the space with natural textures. Add additional lighting to your room to create cosy pools of light for a reading area or highlight architectural features or book cases with library lights.  Check out our post 8 Great Ideas for Kitchen Lighting for additional ideas.

As you can see, there are lots of simple ways to update your home this year. What plans do you have for home updates in January? We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us on @TileMountain1 or tag us on Instagram using @TileMountainUK

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