Eclectic Geometric: Five Great Ways to Use Geometric Tiles

With the influx of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic to our homes, it is hardly surprising that geometric design, which was so popular in this era, would follow suit. The strong lines of this style create a bold statement, perfect for those who like their interiors to be just that little bit more head-turning. Incorporating geometrics into your tiles is actually not that difficult, either.

Thanks to the standard square or rectangular shapes of most tiles, a geometric look is very easy to come by. You can also use rectangular tiles in creative ways to create your own interesting geometric patterns. Check out the post at the end of this one for some more ideas on laying your tiles in interesting patterns.

For now though, here are five different ways to use geometric tiles to get a look that’s both trendy and timeless.

On the Grid

Thanks to the shape of most tiles, you can create a strong design statement simply using plain square tiles with an interesting colour grout. The grout frames each tile, creating a synergistic pattern where negative and positive play off one another. I love 2 Lovely Gays‘ recent project where they unveiled their pink bathroom. By simply using inexpensive square tiles in a pink colour and surrounding them with bright white grout, the geometric pattern emerges.

Why not try our White Prismatics Gloss Wall Tile with a black grout for a twist on the subway tile trend?

The Hex Factor

Of course, hexagonal tiles are all the rage at the moment and our Chequered Hexagon Black and White Mosaic Tiles are a great way to get this stand-out look. Black and white are graphic and impactful, so keep your accessories minimal so that all eyes are on this feature pattern.

You can get a similar look with our larger Apollo Hexagon Tiles which come in black, white and grey. Mix and match or use a single colour for a great take on this geometric aesthetic.

Au Natural

If you are looking to bring the outside in and add a touch of nature in your home, then you might want to consider the beautiful Stone Cut Hex Matt Anthracite Tiles, a collection of beautiful tiles that take the hexagon trend a step further. Elegant and ultra-stylish, these tiles are suitable for both walls and floors and look awesome almost anywhere in the home.

Simple Geometry

If you are looking to create some drama with your geometrics, why not consider the stunning Nice Marron Stoneglass Mix Mosaic Tiles? With a beautiful mix of frosted glass, floral glass inserts, and marble, a geometric design is easy to achieve and is highlighted very effectively by the use of a lighter grout. These tiles can also be used on their own as a statement wall or deployed as an accent for a unique and impactful look.

Shine On

Speaking of impacts, if you are looking to make a big one then look no further than our Metallic Squares Floor Tiles. Easily deployed to create an impressive geometric chequerboard display, these highly textured patterned tiles in a metallic finish will reflect light around a room, making any space look bigger and brighter.

So as you can see, there are lots of ways to get an amazing geometric look using tiles. We’d love to find out how you’re using geometric tiles in your own home! Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TileMountain1 or tag us on Instagram!

And don’t forget – you can order a cut sample of any of our tiles before you buy with our free service!


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