Happy Christmas from all at Tile Mountain!

Season’s greetings all! We hope that you all have a lovely day today and are together with your loved ones to enjoy it. Christmas might be a bit different this year due to that dastardly Covid-19 business, but that’s no reason to pull out all the stops and make it one to remember (for all the right reasons).

We’d like to thank you all for sticking with us this year and regularly visiting our little section of the internet and checking out the torrents of interiors-based content we produce for you each year.

If you do happen to find yourself at a loose end today and then you could always kill an hour or two by checking out all that lovely How-To content we produce and deposit in our Help Centre section. It’s super educational and might come in handy when you should you be about to tackle a new tiling project across the festive period.

Don’t want to think about upcoming DIY jobs right now and prefer to relax whilst you can? Then check out our Tile Style section – it’s bulging like Santa’s sack, only it’s packed with interiors inspo as opposed to PS5 consoles and, erm, whatever the must-have toy for this year is.

If you’ve had a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas and want to give its features a workout then head over our YouTube channel – there’s all manner of useful instructional video guides to be found there about all manner of tiling tasks. Especially handy if on the off-chance, someone has bought you a load of tiles for Christmas/you’ve got a project lined up for the new year.

Failing that, you could just stick on one of our Christmas Playlists and have a little festive boogie until you’ve worked off all those pigs in blankets and Quality Street (this is definitely what we’ll be doing).

Merry Christmas!

Here at Tile Mountain, we not only have a huge range of tiles to suit every purpose, we also have a wealth of tiling knowledge gained from over 30 years in the tile industry, (which we’ll do or best to share with you across these very pages).

Whether you’re looking for the perfect tiles for your next home improvement project, are searching for some style inspiration, or simply need a bit of help and advice, you’re in the right place.