Health & Well-Being: How To Apply to Bathroom Design, Form & Function

As we launch ourselves into January (possibly even a dry January for some!) we generally all feel a bit jaded and worse for wear after the excesses of the festive season. Now’s the time to address our health and well-being, to declutter our homes and our minds, hopefully with the intention of bringing a fresh start and enthusiasm to our 2019 experience. To this end, we bring you our top tips on creating a spa-like bathroom so you can recharge those batteries and make a calming start to the year.

The Ideal

The ideal bathroom will be spacious, calming, beautiful, faultless and functional. It sounds like a tall order, but it needn’t be. Just a little more care and forethought when planning a new bathroom can allow it to become not just a place to shower and bathe, but a place to refresh the mind and body and soothe the soul. Opt for natural tones where possible, especially on large open spaces such as flooring. Our Country Khaki Floor tiles as seen above are prefect for creating a neutral, natural floorspace that’s ripe for augmentation with calming tones on the walls.

The Design

The overall design of a bathroom can be hindered or limited by several things – the available space, the shape of the room, the ceiling height, and the position of practical elements such as the waste pipes and heating options. Realistically, if the bathroom budget is for a completely new room, it may as well be exactly as you want it. A little bit extra here and there to move the bath to the centre of the room, add underfloor heating, or a flush-fitting shower tray will be worth the extra cost, and save years of regret! A bit of realism doesn’t go amiss though; be straight with the designer regarding your budget, and have a ‘must-have’ wish list as well as an ‘if we can afford it’ wish list!

The Fittings

If the general idea is to create a beautifully functional and perfect spa-like bathroom, take some inspiration from bathrooms in gorgeous ‘destination’ hotels and resorts. A clean, simple look is often the best choice, so think about minimal-frame shower enclosures or just a single panel; think about recessed controls and ceiling-mounted shower heads. The idea is to maintain a simple, streamlined look that doesn’t detract from the calm, restful décor. The bath should be big enough to lounge in, so be prepared to visit several showrooms and climb in to the tub you think you might like. Really, I mean it! When I bought one of my first houses I only gave the awful scruffy bathroom a very cursory glance as I knew it would be stripped out … However it turned out to be an super-small bath, which would have dictated the whole resulting layout upon refurbishment – and we ended up knocking down a wall to accommodate a proper-sized bath! Remember that re-positioning a basin, bath, WC, shower or bidet can be a good move, enabling the new bathroom to have a whole new aspect.

The Spa & Well-Being Effect

A spa bath can bubble away for the duration of your bath time soak, or can just be used intermittently. If you like the idea of a massage effect, check the power of the jets. Some showrooms will have working models on display. Another spa-type option is a steam cabin, which is a bit of an investment, but if anyone in the family makes good use of a steam room at the pool or gym, then it’s worth considering. Remember any of these luxury fittings will need to be installed by appropriately qualified plumbing/heating/electrical experts, so be guided by your design team and choose someone who can be relied upon to do ‘proper job’.


For me, the ideal bathroom that would accommodate my sense of well-being would be totally cosy. It would have a comfy armchair or chaise longue, complete privacy, and it would also be super-simple to keep clean and gorgeous-looking. Blinds are a good choice, Venetian styles are practical, allowing complete privacy or a tilt which allows a glimpse of sky or trees. Rollers and pleated designs work as well, but without a glimpse/tilt option. As far as upholstery in the bathroom is concerned, it obviously should not be placed anywhere where it’s likely to get damp from excess spray or steam, so perhaps relegate an under-used item from elsewhere in the house and dress it with an artfully draped luxury bath sheet or a fringed cotton/linen throw. Floors and walls will need to be pristine to keep up the spa-like ambience; naturally we suggest that porcelain or ceramic tiles are the only choice!

Finishing Touches

Of course, a beautiful bathroom needs one or two sets of new towels. We’re very keen on using towels to add a splash of colour to a calm and neutral scheme, and some of the best colours pop up in Christy’s extensive ranges. Team these with tiles in a calming hues such as our plush Inverno or Doblo ranges and you’re well on your way to creating a spa-like bathroom of your very own!

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