How to Organise Your Bathroom

No matter what the size of your bathroom, you probably struggle with keeping all the odds and sods that seem to breed in there from creating a colossal mess. The bathroom should be a place of sanctuary, a spot to do your makeup or relax for a long soak but we also know it has to be practical. It’s where the kids are bathed and readied for bed, where the family cross paths 10 times every morning and where clutter can naturally accumulate. If you find that your bathroom is more slapdash than spa, then you may need some assistance in organising the space properly.

Today, we’re sharing a few ways to squeeze every last bit of space from your bathroom – whether it’s a lovely large area or the tiniest room in the house.

Hooks for Towels

hooks in the bathroom

In our tiny bathroom, we used to have a towel rail tucked behind the door. I felt as though I was forever straightening them out when they were stuffed haphazardly into the rail as they simply never dried properly. When we remodelled, we installed a row of hooks instead. The towels stay put and more importantly, fully dry now. They also make it a cinch for children to hang their own and keep the bathroom looking tidy for longer.


If you find your medicine cabinet is full to the point where you can’t open it lest something falls out, consider a big clearout. Throw away anything that’s out of date and make sure what you do have are things you use regularly. In fact, it’s probably best not to store medicines in the bathroom at all as high humidity will reduce its effectiveness. Instead, store it somewhere in the kitchen cupboards in a place where it’s out of reach of tiny hands.

In the Bath and Shower

hanging storage basket in shower

If you find you are using the edge of your tub or the floor of the shower tray to hold your shampoo and soap, consider getting a basket that adheres by suction to the wall instead. Ensure the basket is not too big – otherwise, you may be tempted to keep more toiletries in there than you need. Speaking of, edit just how many you really need – can you share the same shower gel with your other half? Do you really need 7 different bottles of conditioner? Probably not.

Bonus tip: Do you find yourself putting a new bottle in the bath when something is running low? Resist the urge to open the new bottle until the old one is completely finished. I don’t put anything new out until the old one is completely empty, reducing waste. And then, once it’s ready to be replaced, make sure you put the old bottle straight into the recycling. Having 14 bottles of conditioner that only have an inch of product left at the bottom will only contribute to the clutter.

Hair Products

I have an unreasonable amount of curly fine hair and so use quite a few products to keep my messy mane under control. If you find that you need a lot of hair products, instead of storing them out where they clutter up the sink or shelves, consider using single baskets for each person in the household and store them under the sink. This way, when it’s time to style and preen, you simply pull out one basket, use it and place it back.


makeup organisation in bathroom

Cosmetics can soon take over drawers and cabinets in the bathroom. Clear out anything that’s out of date first to reduce clutter. After that, consider some drawer organisers and baskets to keep everything in place and under control.

Kid’s Toys

If you find that plastic action heroes are taking over your bathroom, consider using an easy to clean plastic woven container under the sink or on shelving to store your children’s toys. Once bathtime is over, place everything back into the container and let it drain thoroughly in the tub before putting it back.

Clear Bathroom Storage

glass canisters

For a spa-like look, consider glass storage containers or clip top containers to hold things like cotton buds or cotton wool. It will keep them clean as well as look great on display.

Cleaning Products

I store all my cleaning products in a basket under the sink as well. They are all in a single basket which means I simply pull out the basket when I’m ready to clean and put it all back again once the bathroom is sparkling again.


Don’t forget the vertical space in a small bathroom. Take advantage of the space over the toilet to install some shelving to hold extra towels or attractive accessories for the perfect spa-like finish.

How do you organise the clutter in your bathroom? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments, tweet us on @TileMountain1 or tag us on Instagram!

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