Inspiration for your Laundry and Utility Room

One of the plans (or dreams if I stay living in London where space is tight) for my future home is to have a laundry and/or utility room. A room dedicated to those tasks that I don’t really want to be reminded of once they’re done and all the products that go with them. You know, for doing the laundry, where I can hide all those cleaning products looking at me in a accusatory way because I haven’t cleaned the floors in a few days, and where I can keep all my clothes pegs in an orderly manner without having to wonder what I’ve done with them every time I do a load of washing. As with many other things, I continuously look for inspiration for my future home and this is no exception. So, if you happen to also be after some ideas for your laundry and/or utility room, then this might be helpful.

Grey and Red

Most laundry rooms generally are kept in light colours with white being the obvious favourite. White gives the room a look of freshness and cleanliness and is in many ways a no-brainer. However, since this room is often treated as an after-thought without too much consideration when it comes to colour and furniture, why not go a big step further and treat is as well as you would your living room?

A bold colour scheme like charcoal and pillar box red is a great way to bring a little life into it and – whilst you probably won’t entertain guests in there who might actually see it – a real statement. Yes, this colour combination is just a little bit 80’s, but it’s also a bold classic.

Blue Country Style

If your style leans more towards country and romantic, then blue is a great colour for this room. It’s fresh and calming (and we can all do with staying calm whilst sorting piles of clothing, right?) and fits beautifully with wicker and wooden accessories.


Speaking of accessories, don’t forget to plan for and include ample storage space for all those household products. I personally like open shelving as it means that I’m able to see straight away what I have and what might need replacing. You could also go one step further and decant those products into nicer looking (and properly labelled!) jars and baskets. Surely, this will go a long way to making laundry day at least a little more of a pleasure.

Hidden Laundry Cupboard

Of course not everybody will be lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room to their laundry and if saving space is high on your list of priorities, then finding clever ways to create a laundry room where there wasn’t one before is the way to go. Like in a cupboard. Yes, you could fit out a built-in cupboard with all the essentials, plus shelving in the doors, and close the doors after you’re done. Nobody would be any-the-wiser by just looking at it from the outside.

Minimalist Bathroom

Adding a ‘cupboard’ space to your bathroom which can be hidden with very simple and sleek doors is another great solution which can be tailored to match your existing bathroom design and made to measure. It has the added advantage that you will be able to store all your clean towels in the one room where you will actually use them!

Galvanised Sink

And just to give you a little bit more inspiration (if you have the available space): how about a fab galvanised metal sink on legs? It’s one of those luxuries that adds a little extra to even the most mundane tasks and that in turn makes it an excellent investment in my book.

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Originally from Paris, Carole previously lived in Germany and settled in London in 2009. Initially aspiring to become an interior designer, Carole soon discovered that she hated drawing floor plans, but loved putting the finishing touches in after the main build was done. Since then, she’s never looked back and has eked out a career as an in-demand interiors stylist here in the UK.