Metro Tile Ideas – How to Lay and Style your Metro Tiles

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your metro tiles? Look no further! We have a complete guide on ways of laying and styling your metro tiles to offer you a design you’re sure to love for years to come! Metro tiles are designed to replicate the classic brick shape tiles we find in the Underground and Metro stations across the world, a simple design that’s been used for centuries across modern and traditional interior designs. Keep things basic with a classic white metro tile, or feel inspired by vibrantly coloured tiles, packed with character. Here are our top metro tile ideas:

Ways of Laying your Metro Tiles –

Classic Brick Bond

Classic brick bond metro is the most widely adopted method of laying metro tiles. It’s a versatile style that is perfect for adding a bit of extra texture throughout the design. Line your grout joints up in alternative rows, much like you would in bricklaying to achieve this style. This style is clean and traditional, it works great with any shape or shade of metro tile and offers a timeless look. A foolproof way of using the brick bond method is to go with a classic white metro tile. It will offer simplicity while the grout lines still create a bit of detail throughout.

Simple white metro tiles in brick bond format across kitchen splashback with black accessories.

Above, Metro Matt White Wall Tile

Straight Horizontal Metro Tiles

If you have your mind set on something much simpler and easier, try out the straight horizontal metro tile method. This is where you line up all of your joints to be straight with one another, with the metro tile in a horizontal format, creating a uniform look. This look is a more modern way of using metro tiles, and results in a contemporary look. With this layout style you have the chance to use some more vibrant colours to create an ultra modern look, or keep things neutral for a warmer style.

Horizontal straight metro tiles in kitchen area with neutral tones throughout.

Above, Village Mushroom Wall Tiles

Vertical Metro Tiles

Much like the horizontal method, this is where you lay the tiles so that the grout joints completely line up, but instead your metro tile is vertical. This elongates the look of the room, making the walls look taller and grander, perfect for smaller spaces. As is with the horizontal style, this method is great for using with vibrant shades for modern homes, or for a more traditional look, use calmer, more muted colours.

Vibrant teal metro tiles in a vertical straight layout with plants and wood accessories throughout bathroom area.

Above, Village Emerald Green Wall Tiles

Staggered Metro Tiles

This style uses metro tiles in a vertical format again, with a slightly staggered grout line, rather than a completely straight one. When laying these tiles, lay your first column, and on the adjacent column raise the tile up a bit, to create a staggered look. When calculated right, this can be a really effective way of introducing depth and texture to the space. It’s a unique way of laying metro tiles, so if you’re looking for originality, this is the layout for you.

Vibrant blue metro tiles in vertical staggered bond across wall of modern bathroom space.

Above, Manacor Glacier Wall Tile

Diagonal Metro Tiles

Like the staggered layout method, this style is incredibly unique, and a bit trickier to lay. It adopts the same theory as the classic brick bond method, but on a diagonal. It’s a stylish way of creating intrigue in your space, whether you use it across your shower space or a trendy kitchen splashback. This also offers the choice between cutting your tiles along the top row to be a completely straight edge, or leaving them uncut to create a pointed look, like we have here.

Dark grey metro tiles in a diagonal brick bond layout with staggered edge along top of the tiled area in a modern bathroom with patterned floor tiles.

Above, Metro Dark Grey Wall Tiles

Chevron Metro Tiles

By using this method you’ll result in a truly detailed and textured space. It uses classic metro tiles in an almost zig zag format. Lay your tile on a diagonal, and lay the next one the opposite way, layering this until your happy with the design. Make sure you plan this method, as it can be tricky to get right first time. With a layout this detailed it offers the opportunity to create a truly bespoke design, by adding a second or third colour and introducing a boarder around the room, like we have here.

White chevron metro tiles in chevron format along back of bathroom sink area with a row of navy blue metro tiles creating a boarder around the area.

Above, Village White Wall Tiles

Styling your Metro Tiles –


For a traditional and classy style we recommend sticking to wood textures throughout the space to accessorize. Accessories with ornate details work great, adding texture and detail to the space. Layouts like the classic brick bond and chevron styles are perfect for achieving a timeless, traditional look with your metro tiles, as they add that extra level of texture in their detailed gout lines.

green metro tiles in a chevron format with wood accessories and ornate features across kitchen counter area.

Above, Metro Sage Wall Tiles


For something more modern and up to date, we’d recommend you stick to simple accessories and finishes. Include lots of clean lines and sleek surfaces and ditch too many knick-knacks and keep the surfaces clear. When laying your metro tiles in a more modern space we’d recommend choosing a grout that matches your tiles, to hide the joints as much as possible, creating a clean look.

Dark kitchen scheme with light beige metro tiles in chevron format along splashback. Matt black cupboards and marble countertops for modern scheme.

Above, Piacenza Mix Bone Wall Tile

Country Kitchen:

When it comes to designing a country kitchen make sure you include lots of neutral tones like beiges and browns. These create the appearance of a calming, comforting space, resulting in that well loved and familiar country kitchen style. Keep your metro tiles in a simple colour like white or beige, and compliment them with variations of the same shade throughout the rest of the space. Natural textures like wood will also enhance the well loved design style.

Mini white metro tiles across kitchen splashback area with neutral accessories and wood textures throughout.

Above, Mini Metro White Wall Tiles

Art Deco:

Art Deco is a popular 20th century inspired design that originated in France. It features luxurious details and exudes a sense of true expense and elegance. Introduce oversized furniture pieces and various metal accessories throughout to compliment this style. Coloured metro tiles work beautifully in an Art Deco room, especially when complemented with gold details throughout.

Deep blue metro tiles in brick bond format across back wall of bathroom sink area with gold hardware across light features and mirror.

Above, Manacor Ocean Blue Wall Tiles


Minimalistic interiors are great for those of us looking for a simple yet effective design. Implement clean lines and simple finishes throughout, concentrating on the idea that less is more. Many minimalistic designs have strictly neutral colour schemes, and if they do include colour it’s muted shades that are easy on the eye. Create clean lines with the grout joints in your metro tiles, focusing more on the straight horizontal or vertical layouts.

Simplistic light blue metro tiles behind sink area in bathroom with little detail throughout.


For a glamorous and luxurious space, stick to a simple metro tile and layout, and accessorize the rest of the space with elegant furniture and décor. We love the look that Bathroom Mountains brushed brass collection gives off, as it exudes luxury at an affordable price. Compliment with rich tones and patterns throughout, like navy blue or forest green. Gloss surfaces are also perfect in this style, demonstrated beautifully by our Linear White Gloss Wall Tiles. 

Simple gloss white metro tiles in vertical straight format acting as backdrop for elegant bathroom space.

Above, Linear White Gloss Wall Tiles


Industrial styles typically use lots of raw edges and materials, to give off the idea that it was once a factory or warehouse building. They include lots of exposed pipes and brick work with your typical furniture placed throughout as it normally would be. Classic brick bond layouts are ideal for metro tiles in an industrial setting, as they compliment the idea of exposed brick, with a sense of style and character.

Vibrant blue metro tiles in the shower area with industrial chrome shower with exposed pipes and hardware.

Above, Fulham Blue Wall Tile

There you have out metro tile ideas, including how to lay and style them to result in the perfect scheme for you and your home! Be sure to tag us in pictures of your finished metro tiles on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing your designs!

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