NEW VIDEO: Large Format Tiles

We’ve been a bit lapse this year when it comes to getting our Dean on screen telling you all about the latest and greatest ranges to come through the doors at Tile Mountain. If you’ve been missing his irreverent presenting style and natty choice of Tile Mountain-branded polo shirts then fear not as he’s back once again (like a renegade master) to bring you the lowdown on Large Format Tiles.

Big tiles are back in a big way and are proving to be absolutely massive – in more ways than one – in interiors right now. Watch as we take a closer look at why they’re so popular and gives you a run-down of their benefits in his own inimitable style (we think he’s been watching too much Top of The Tops 2 on BBC4 if we’re honest).

We’ll be back in the new year with more of this sort of nonsense, so make sure you subscribe to the Tile Mountain YouTube channel and hit that bell icon to make sure you never miss a video!

Merry Christmas!

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