Top Five Irregular Shape Tiles for Kitchens

Square and rectangular tiles have been around for aeons and there’s no chance that their popularity will dwindle anytime soon. However, whilst your standard four-sided wall and floor tiles continue to captivate interior design enthusiasts and DIYers alike thanks to their continued evolution (both in terms of design and construction), there’s been a recent upsurge in the uptake of more quirky tile designs.

Yes, it seems that the great tile-buying public (that’s you) just can get enough of hex tiles, lozenge shapes and all manner of other weird and wonderful irregular shape tiles and are deploying them across the home in a veritable frenzy of idiosyncratic style. Never ones to be left behind by a burgeoning trend, we’ve gone and stocked up on these eye-catching porcelain anomalies and here, we bring you a rundown of our top five irregular shape tiles for kitchens…

Riga Patchwork

Looking for something fresh but with a touch of vintage charm? Then our Riga range will be right up your street! Despite their name, these quirkily shaped wall and floor tiles actually take their style inspiration from the French Provincial architectural style and, although they’re incredibly eye-catching, work well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen settings. Each tile is designed to look like four differently patterned smaller tiles, has an overall measurement of 450mm x 450mm, and each box features a random selection of 8 surface patterns from the 32 available.


Everyone is going mad for hex tiles it seems, and there’s no better example of the form than our diminutive but ultra-stylish Kromatika range. Constructed from durable porcelain and available in no less than eight (eight!) pastel hues, these little six-sided tiles are a great choice for kitchens both large and small. Team with white cabinets and dark work surfaces for an especially impactful look or create a swish health-club/gym type vibe by deploying them on the floor across an expansive multi-use area.

Bella Craquele

Now, upon first glance, these little rectangular bundles of ceramic wonderment don’t look as they could be termed as ‘irregular shape’. However, look a bit closer and you’ll see that each tile sports a cambered surface, giving them the appearance of little pillows, or at a push, the upholstery of a dimly lit, exclusive club as seen in practically all rap videos from the early 2000s (just imagine a wall of the things and you’ll see what we mean). Excellent as both a splashback or a full feature wall, Bella Craquele somehow manages to combine rustic charm (thanks to their aged, crackle glaze) and a huge dollop of modern quirkiness.

Ribera Slate Effect

Effectively mimicking the kind of uber-stylish rough-hewn slate you see in trendy bars and hotels but at a fraction of the cost, Ribera Slate Effect is a great shout for a modern kitchen. When offset by high gloss cabinetry, concrete effect flooring, and more chrome decal elements than you can shake a chrome-plated stick at, these visually intriguing tiles radiate contemporary chic. Available in two earthy colourways, Ribera Slate feature interlocking panels with a depth of approximately 45mm mean that when installed make these tiles virtually indistinguishable from real stone walls.

Apollo Hexagon

Those hexagons pop up yet again in our irregular-shaped tiles rundown, which is testament to their snowballing popularity. This time its our Apollo Hexagon range that is taking the accolades thanks to its angular good looks and incredible versatility. Available in black, white, grey and a rather jazzy Grazia decor variant, these six-sided wonders are perfect for use on both kitchen walls and floors and can be effortlessly mixed and matched to create designs that really draw the eye.

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