How To Add Texture To A Roomscape

One of the most straightforward ways of adding interest to any room in the home is to include textured finishes. That can mean a mixture of textures, or perhaps just a single textured feature in an otherwise non-textured room. Complicated? Not really – just think of it as mixing things up, changing the pace, and avoiding an over-abundance of smooth and soul-less finishes. It can be as easy as adding a lovely stack of fluffy towels to a bathroom or a pile of touchable cushions to a bedroom or living room.

This week, we’re going to spark off some ideas on how get creative with texture, and explain how it can liven up a kitchen or bathroom scheme. Don’t forget, many of our tiles are designed to have the appearance of a textured finish, even if they feel smooth to the touch!

Riga Patchwork Tiles from Tile Mountain

Riga Patchwork from Tile Mountain

Pattern & Texture = Added Value

The sleek and shiny looks that have dominated kitchen and bathroom design in recent years certainly look to be coming to an end. We’re wanting more interesting finishes for our homes of late … so let’s forget about clinical white rooms and look for texture and pattern, which have the immediate effect of adding a more welcoming and warmer feel to a scheme. Our Riga Patchwork tiles are intricately patterned, have an interesting shape, and a subtle, raised textured feel. Using these in your kitchen would undoubtedly mean that any visitors would just have to touch and admire them. Whilst being new and totally practical, they also have that highly desirable weathered look, and a slightly worn feel.

Decape Rustic tiles from Tile Mountain

Decape Rustic tiles from Tile Mountain

Distressed Looks (Without the Stress)

However, if intricate pattern isn’t for you, there’s still a multitude of textured tiles from our range to choose from – you can stick with natural tones, but go for realistic looks, such as these gorgeous Decape Rustic Brick tiles, for walls and floors; the colours are subtle and it looks immediately as if you’ve installed distressed wood tiles (only without all the hassle!). Decape is available in three colour variants, but if they don’t tick your boxes then also take a look at our Pallett wood-effect tiles and Ribera for a quirky slate slate-effect. All perfect for adding that interesting, textured feel to a kitchen or bathroom – safe in the knowledge that the surfaces are going to be super-easy to maintain and keep clean.

Antiquarian Heriz-Seray rug, Modern Rugs

Antiquarian Heriz Seray rug from the Louis de Poortere range / Modern Rugs

Textured Layers … On the Floor

If you’ve already chosen smooth finish floor tiles, but want to add a bit of texture, why not add a rug? Get the floor tiles right in the first place – choose them as a beautiful, hardwearing and ever-lasting backdrop to your furniture and accessories. A rug, such as this one from Modern Rugs, hits the right note between adding comfort and texture, all without breaking the bank.

Bulkhead lights from Industville, heavily textured wallcovering by Lincrusta.

Bulkhead lights from Industville / Wallcovering by Lincrusta

Going Up The Walls

Another easy way of adding a textured feel to any scheme – from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and bedrooms – is to include wallpaper. We’ve seen a surge in popularity of feature walls and the like for the last few years, and there have been some very striking and interesting designs available. For that extra bit of oomph, chose a textured paper. For a sophisticated look, there’s a collection from Colefax & Fowler called ‘Textured Wallpapers ’ which does what it says on the tin. Beautifully textured, almost hessian, grass cloth, and silk-like designs that are both robust and hardwearing, and which would compliment tiled walls and floors, adding a feeling of warmth as well as texture. Look also at Zoffany Hexa, one design in a range of cleverly textured vinyl wallcoverings which could add a touch of grandeur and contrast to a tiled floor or add the wow factor above a dado rail with a tiled wall beneath. Get adventurous with colour, as well as texture.

Rattan All Basket, / White & Grey Furry Basket / Drum Side Table with Wooden Top / all Homesense

Rattan All Basket / White & Grey Furry Basket / Drum Side Table with Wooden Top / all Homesense

And Finally …

We couldn’t resist including these gorgeous textured accessories to this week’s blog. Any of these will sit beautifully on a tiled floor, making a plain room just that bit more interesting. From top; Rattan All Basket, White & Grey Furry Basket and Drum Side Table with Wooden Top, all available from Homesense.

If you think you’ll be getting creative with textures in your next design refresh then be sure to let us know in the comments, tweet us on @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram! Next time … we’re taking a look at decorating with mirrors.

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