Trend Watch: Concrete

As we’ve seen from our previous posts on today’s trends, there’s a huge focus on materials rather than just colour or styles. While marble and terrazzo are making waves, concrete may seem less of an obvious choice for the home but quietly, its resurgence as an economical and stylish material makes it the perfect option for those looking to add an industrial edge to their interior design schemes.

In this post, we’ll focus on how concrete (and its lookalikes) can be used in nearly every area of the home and why it’s likely this material will be a mainstay in design projects the world over for years to come. It’s versatile, easy to maintain, and surprisingly family-friendly – meaning it just might make its way into your next design project.

It Adds Texture

In interior design terms, texture creates visual interest. When we look at concrete, we know immediately what it feels like, which gives us a connection to the material. That cool, minimalist look with soft variations can become the backbone of your design when used on walls or floors, and the trick in ensuring it does’nt read too cold or unwelcoming is to combine it with other textures. Natural wood pairs wonderfully with concrete, creating the perfect juxtaposition of cool and warm surfaces. You might also want to add more delicate and organic details such as plants or flowers to get the balance right.

It’s Super Hard-Wearing

No matter where you put concrete in your home – from walls and floors to bathrooms or kitchens – you’ll want to ensure it’s properly stained, sealed, and polished. Once this is done, your concrete should last decades, making it a great choice in terms of sustainability. Simply dust or sweep and wash with a non-abrasive cleaner to keep it looking its best.

It Adds an Industrial Edge

There’s no doubt that we naturally associate concrete in design with more industrial styles, bringing to mind the fast becoming ubiquitous former industrial warehouse converted to bright and contemporary loft living space. Concrete or concrete-effect porcelain tiles are a perfect choice here for an industrial aesthetic and lend themselves well to large open-plan areas, creating a backdrop that’s easily augmented by wood and metal furniture, exposed brick (or brick-effect) walls, and rustic accessories.

It Can Be Surprisingly Sophisticated

Of course, concrete is not just for those seeking an industrial style in their homes. When used with other high-quality materials like marble and brass, the look of this basic material is elevated, creating a warm and authentic contrast for more sophisticated styling. If larger areas of concrete feel too cold for you, consider using in  smaller formats like the bathroom sink, or look out for accessories like concrete planters, concrete lighting, or lamps with a concrete base.

It’s Versatile

Finally, concrete is an incredibly versatile product and its ability to be cast in many different forms as well as its relative ease of staining or colouring means you are not just limited to using them indoors. Above, our Dunsen Grey floor tiles effortlessly fuses eye-catching aesthetics with low-maintenance attributes, meaning you can easily extend an interior aesthetic to outdoor areas, creating a fluid look.

Be sure to check out our full range of concrete-effect tiles for your next project and take advantage of the free cut sample service we have available on every tile we stock!

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