Trend Watch: Embossed and Textured Wall Tiles

Like the subtle spice that lights up your favourite dish, adding an element of texture into your room designs can be considered one of the key ingredients in creating a knock-out space. It can mean the difference between a room looking a bit flat and lifeless to one which has depth and brings the entire scheme together.

And, while adding this ‘secret spice’ to various rooms in the home has been something that interior designers have known about for aeons, it seems that textured walls are a trend that won’t be going out of style for some time. In fact, whether you crave a more minimalist look, warm, rustic spaces or anything in between – adding a bit of additional texture to your room is one of the most powerful tricks you can use to finish off your space in style.

What Using Texture in Interior Design Means

Generally speaking, texture refers to the surface quality of a material, especially those that stand out from what is around it. Texture can come from a wide variety of sources – from an embossed tile pattern in your bathroom to a soft woolly throw on your living room sofa.

Of course, everything has a texture, but we are particularly interested in those of a more tactile nature. If you can simply look at a brick wall, Mongolian sheepskin rug, or a stone floor and know instinctively how it would feel to run your hand across it, it will likely be adding texture to your space. Whether we have physical contact with an object or not, we can perceive how it might feel without even touching it.

While it may be an afterthought in terms of a room’s functionality, it’s still vital to the success of the finished design. It will help to determine the mood and feeling of your space and go a long way in creating depth and warmth in your room.

Why Add Texture to Walls?

While smaller items like rugs and throws, soft furnishings and furniture will add additional texture to most rooms in the home, in spaces where additional furnishings aren’t as common like kitchens, bathrooms or hallways, visually enhancing a space becomes more difficult. Harder surfaces abound and so creating a layered quality to your spaces might be a bit more challenging.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have architectural features like vintage cornicing, chair rails, and panelling in your home, these can be a great start in giving any room visual interest and texture. However, if your home has less in the way of these additional details, adding them by way of brick, wood, tiles or wallpaper is a perfect way to bring in additional style. Tiles, specifically, are the perfect addition in spaces where cleaning and maintenance are paramount.

By using wall tiles that naturally have an embossed or raised design, you’ll be able to easily add this component and in using textured walls, you can envelope your room with something that brings in warmth and style without losing the practicality of these spaces.

Using Textured and Embossed Tiles in Your Home

If you’re ready to have a look at some fantastic examples of textured tiles to your home, we stock a wide variety for every style here at Tile Mountain. We’ve chosen just a few favourites below.

While this spectacular bathroom may wow us with its sheer size, it’s the incorporation of various textures that really gives it that wow-factor. Our Coda Grey decor tile provides an organic touch, creating a spa-like feel to contrast perfectly with the more contemporary look of the basins and tub.

While we may naturally think to only use tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or hallway, using textured tiles can be a great way to give any room a bit of a stylish upgrade. Here, our Future Matt Beige Decor tiles are used in a bedroom, creating a surprisingly warm and inviting look simply by the incorporation of contrasting textures.

A repeating pattern in a knock-out colour is another wonderful way of adding one more layer of texture to your space. In the bathroom above, the geometric embossed pattern of our Savoy Leaf Gloss Decor wall tiles create an inviting space for relaxation. Simply add a few accessories like a wood floor mat, plants, and fluffy towels to complete the scene.

And finally, check out our Elven Decor wall tiles for a look that’s bang-on-trend right now. This design-led range in three colours creates a dynamic space that begs to be touched and is perfect for those who appreciate a more minimalist look in their interiors.

You can check out our full range of textured and embossed wall tiles on Tile Mountain but be sure to take advantage of our free cut sample service to find the perfect tile for your next project.

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