Trend Watch: Large Format Tiles

The phrase ‘bigger is better’ is an oft-used one but it applies rather well to the latest tile trend. Long ago, tiles were only available in small sizes. The reason? Manufacturing processes meant that larger tiles would often break, simply due to their weight. Today, thanks to improvements in manufacturing techniques alongside developments in digital printing mean we can scale up designs. The trend for using large format tiles is a growing one as homeowners embrace the latest look in tile design.

Today’s post will explore large format tiles – why you might want to consider them for your latest project and how to use them to give your project a contemporary edge.

Why Choose a Large Format Tile?

One of the main reasons you might choose a larger tile is due to the fact that they will visually expand a space. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and so a cleaner, uninterrupted look is created without the busyness of additional pattern.  This lends itself well to contemporary design and a more minimalist approach, where lightness of hand has been applied to a design scheme, allowing every element a chance to shine.

Another reason is that they require less maintenance. Fewer grout lines and larger surface areas make for easier cleaning – and who doesn’t like that?

With advances in digital printing techniques, faking the look of concrete, wood or marble is easier than ever with a large format porcelain tile and can also be a less expensive and lower-maintenance alternative to the real thing.

Are Large Format Tiles Only Suitable for Large Areas?

Large format tiles are a great look for a larger space or an open plan area. They will contribute to the feeling of space and airiness and make the perfect partner to bigger rooms. However, larger tiles are not just for large spaces.

In fact, smaller areas can benefit from larger tiles as well. Once again, we’re going back to those grout lines – the more you have, the more visual interruption you will have in your space, making it look smaller. With a larger tile, you can trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger. Playing with scale will create a more expansive space and so large scale tiles can be the perfect way to work with a smaller space. Check out our top tips making small spaces look bigger.

5 Ways to Use Large Format Tiles

There are plenty of different on-trend looks you can create using large format tiles but if you’re looking for inspiration for your project, here are just a few you might want to consider.

Get the Spa Look at Home

Create your own spa break with warm natural large format Italian porcelain tiles in your bathroom. The natural grain of marble gets to shine with a larger tile size and combined with warm wood accents, creates a zen-like vibe, perfect for an end-of-day relaxation session. Add a few fluffy towels and luxury bath products to complete the look and the experience. If you’re looking for more tips on creating a spa-like bathroom, this here post will help!

Create a Seamless Look Throughout Your Home

Consider using the same flooring throughout your home for an uninterrupted sense of space, allowing each room to seamlessly blend with another. A natural stone effect porcelain tile means there’s less maintenance than real stone but you still get to enjoy all the elegance and beauty thanks to the very latest in HD inkjet printing technology. With the addition of underfloor heating, the final look and feel exudes character and luxury.

Bring in the Light

Create an airy lightness in your rooms with polished large format tiles that reflect the natural light around the room. The luxurious effects of Calacatta Marble are captured in these large format tiles and their high gloss finish creates a high-end look without the luxury price tag. With fewer grout lines, the pattern feels more continuous and the light bouncing off your tiles will create an ambience that small tiles will struggle to produce. Want a piece of the large format polished tile action but don’t know where to start? Take a look at our post on creating a luxury look for less.

Create an Outdoor Room

Wide plank wood flooring is a great way to get a more contemporary look, and keeping them looking great is an annual job requiring time, money and plenty of labour either. You can bring the warmth and style of natural timber to your outside spaces by using large format porcelain tiles that replicate the look of genuine wood. Opt for this type of exterior tile and you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time firing up the barbeque and enjoying your garden! Check out our post on creating your own outdoor haven and learn how to deploy exterior tiles to great effect.

Embrace open plan living with large-format tiles which allow you to seamlessly join your kitchen with the rest of your open plan space. By choosing a warm neutral large format tile, you’ll emphasise the best of open-plan living. If you have doors to the garden, muddy trainers and paw prints are easily cleaned off, meaning you can enjoy the space without the hassle. Take a closer look at Samantha’s Kitchen Remodel as featured in the image above.

Are large-scale tiles something you’re considering for your next project? Remember we provide a free cut sample service, making it easier than ever to choose the perfect tile for your home.

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