Should You Use Tiles for Kids’ Rooms?

If you are wondering whether or not tiles are an appropriate material for an area used mostly by children, the truth is, the answer isn’t entirely straight-forward. There are some amazing qualities that tiles have that aren’t shared by other flooring or wall products but there are certain factors you’ll want to consider first. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of using tiles for kids’ rooms.

Hard-Wearing for Hard Play

One of the best things about tiles is just how much wear and tear they can take in a space without warping, staining, chipping or scratching. Porcelain tiles are even more durable than ceramic but most tiles can withstand most anything normal life throws at them and will still look fantastic with just a nominal amount of maintenance. For high-traffic areas – in a playroom or in any entryways where the kids may be running amok – tiles will continue to look great for many years.

Not So Great on Little Knees

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The reason they are so hard-wearing, however, is because tiles are constructed from dense materials. So, using tiles in rooms with very young children – where slips and falls are more common – may not be such a great idea. It’s a bit too hard on baby’s knees when crawling and it will be unforgiving of a toddler’s falls. As such, for very young children, you might want to avoid tiles in their bedroom or playroom until they’re a little older.

Easy to Keep Clean

Another benefit of tiles is that they are incredibly easy to keep clean. It won’t matter if little hands, feet or floors get messy during play time as paint, crayon, food or drink will simply wipe away without leaving a stain. Of course, this makes it perfect for a kids’ bathroom but it also would be ideal an older child’s playroom or a teen’s lounge area where food and drink may be more likely to land on the floor!

Add Personality

Pixilated Bathroom Message in Mosaics

You can even use wall tiles to add personality to a children’s space as they will clean up better than painted walls and as there’s such a vast array of available colours and styles, you can create something truly unique. Why not create a custom mural in mosaic tiles for a fresh take on a feature wall?

Visual Warmth

If you love the look of wood but are a little afraid of using it in kids’ areas, then wood effect tiles may be your perfect alternative. They’ll visually warm up a room but are still easy to maintain as well as hard-wearing. Using it in common areas of the home, perhaps in a mudroom for when the kids are getting messy outdoors, or a kitchen where food may be spilt, will provide you all the benefits of tiles with the look of real wood.

Cold to the Touch

On the flip side, while you’ll benefit from visual warmth from wood-effect tiles, tiles don’t retain heat like other flooring materials do and so they may be colder to the touch, especially during winter months. One way to get around this, however, is to install underfloor heating which will offset that coldness whilst providing an energy-efficient way to heat your room.

The Noise Factor

Metallic Wave Floor Tiles

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You’ll also want to be aware that both big and little feet going over a harder surface will naturally make more noise. If you want to avoid that ‘echo-y’ quality, however, a few area rugs will quiet any noise and will warm up the space too.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of factors to think about when installing tiles in kids’ spaces. If they are a little older than toddler age, knowing that tiles are both hard-wearing and easy to clean will be one of the biggest benefits. They also offer the opportunity to get creative and really allow your kids to express their personality with the vast amount of styles and colours available.

They’re perfect in areas like playrooms, and kids’ bathrooms, whilst wood-effect tiles can be used in older kids’ bedrooms and offer easy clean-ups. However, consider a few softer rugs and underfloor heating in bedrooms to offset the cooler temperature and harder surface.

Will you be using tiles in any of your kid spaces? We’d love to hear from you!

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