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8mm Professional Square Notched Wall Trowel

Size 8mm
SKU: 450630
17 pieces In Stock
£8.99 each
£8.99 inc VAT


Say goodbye to unevenly spread tile adhesive forever with this 8mm Professional Square Notched Wall Trowel.

Key Features

  • Thin solid bed fixing for use with flexible wall adhesive

  • Recommended for fixing most wall tiles in wet areas

  • 'U' type notches - 8mm x8mm x8mm

  • High carbon steel blade

  • Aluminium handle with wooden grip

  • 6 spot rivet mounting

Ideal for spreading all types of tile adhesives, the 8mm Professional Square Notched Trowel makes easy work of installing all tile types and is constructed from high-grade materials. Featuring an aluminium handle with wooden grip, as well as a high carbon steel blade with 8mm notches, this handy trowel provides an even bed of tile adhesive on walls and floors each and every time.


Product Details
  • SKU 450630
  • Weight 1.00 KG

Product Reviews

Casey 21/04/23


Decent quality trowel

Verified Buyer

Nigel Morgan 30/07/22

Better than the plastic equivalent

Verified Buyer

patrick d. 13/04/21

Never arrived. First they sold

Never arrived. First they sold stock allocated to my order cancelling the delivery the evening before expected. Then I had to chase them as I noticed they had their stocks replenished, only to be completely let down by the courier , who didnt even tell us it wasnt coming. Couldnt have screwed this up better if they tried.


We are sorry to see that there have been some issues with your order and that this has inconvenienced you. We can see that the order is in the process of being returned and cancelled, but please do give us a call if you wish to discuss this any further.

Verified Buyer

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