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ASP Outdoor Tiles Pedestal 50-70mm

Size 50-70mm
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Adjustable Support Pedestals are a system that enables the laying of large format outdoor tiles and paving slabs without the need for grout and adhesive. Adjustable Support Pedestals are what is known as a ‘suspended system’, meaning that no mechanical fixings are involved and the weight of the tiles or slabs hold everything in place (thus negating the need for permanent fixing with adhesives). Click the bar below to download our installation guide.

Key Features

  • Durable injection moulded polypropylene construction
  • Adjustable height
  • 2.2mm positioning lugs create uniform joints
  • Flat head variant available for extra support beneath centre of tile
  • Easily removed/reconfigured

The pedestals are designed with a telescopic stem which is wound up and down to achieve a completely flat upper paving surface. Changes to height can be made whilst the slab is in place, saving a great deal of time and labour. Benefits of using Adjustable Support Pedestals to install large format outdoor tiles include the creation of a void beneath the paved/tiled surface which allows rainwater to run between and under the slabs. This ensures that there is no standing water left on the surface, improving health & safety by making surface less slippery. 

In addition, the cavity that is created by the tiles being suspended allows pipes, cabling ducts, and drainage channels to be accommodated and tucked away out of sight. A further advantage of using this suspended system is that tiles and slabs can easily be reconfigured or removed completely as they are not permanently fixed with adhesive and grout. Two head types are available; x4 lugs / flat head. The flat head variant can be used when additional support is required beneath the centre of the tile, which can be necessary when using ASPs to install large format outdoor slabs.

Product Details
  • SKU 442910
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 0.10 KG
  • Pack Size Yes

Product Reviews

Jeremy 18/07/19

make it flat for best results...

these little legs are great for the job of supporting the 20mm pavers and the lugs on the top leave a nice regular gap all round to allow water to drain away to the ground below. If you are laying them on MOT or gravel I STRONGLY recommend that you whack it very level before laying the pavers. Unlike some legs that are available, these do NOT self level so it is really important that the ground is well prepared beforehand. if you do that properly, it is a DIY job to lay the pavers onto the legs although cutting 20mm porcelain pavers can be tricky.

Verified Buyer

JamesHealy 22/06/22

Hi, any tips about using these in corner areas where slabs are cut as triangular shapes for obtuse cornesrs? Thank you, Jim.


Our advice: In order to accommodate intricate corners, the base of the pedestals can be trimmed down. The top of the pedestals can also be positioned under the corners fully by snapping the cross-head pieces off of the pads.

Vincent 01/05/22

Q1. Is it works for procelian 400 x 800 mm with 12kg weight how much weight it can support ? Q2. How it work is I lay mot and compact it as sub base then use directly for this product and then lay procelian ont top? Q3. How about porcelain grout is it I still able to use it to seal the gap ?


Our advice: The pedestals are designed to be used with 20mm thick slab tiles and so will support the weight you have mentioned. Please check the thickness of the tile you intend to use as any tile below 20mm thick would not be suitable. In regards to the base yes a hardcore MOT base would need to be laid and levelled and then the pedestals placed directly ontop. In terms of grouting or sealing the installation, this would not be possible.

Paul 23/04/22

Are there any pictures i can see of installations using this method. I would like to see what can be done with the edges as no good for me having all the viewable black raised plastic.


Our advice: We don't have any images I'm afraid. Usually, the installation's edge is finished with gravel or butted up to the side of a garden sleeper. I would advise having a look online for inspiration.

Tasha 27/03/22

How do you stop the pedestals on the outer edges of a patio from moving and how many would I need for 25 tiles


Our advice: Provided the substrate the pedestals are installed onto is solid enough the weight of the tiles alone will keep the outer pedestals in place.

Catherine 13/03/22

Is the pack price for these pedestals £5.49 each, so in your answer on 20/5/20 to martin ie he needs 182 pedestals for 89 tiles, he is going to need to spend £999.18 just to buy the pedestals? I am looking at using this method of installation but it seems very expensive.


Our advice: Yes, these pedestals are priced at £5.49 each. If you need more assistance on how many pedestals you would require for your project please contact us either via email or on 01782 223822.

Dharmi 15/02/22

Hi how many are included in a pack please- thanks


Our advice: The pedestals are sold individually.

Anonymous 18/09/21

How are the edges of the outside tiles supported? Can you see the outside curve of the support? It looks like the support is made for four tiles but along an outside edge there would only be two. Thanks!


Our advice: Yes, the outside of the support would be visible around the edges.

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