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Mosaic Backer 300x300

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Don’t struggle when installing mosaics, invest in a few of these handy mosaic backers  that make mosaic sheets more rigid and less fiddly when fitting to adhesive.

Key Features

  • Ensures that mosaics are evenly spaced & level

  • Suitable for use with all types of mosaics

  • Self-adhesive to ensure easy adhesion to back of mosaic sheets

  • Helps prevent uneven pressure on individual chips, ensuring even application

  • Easily cut to size, minimises lipping

Mosaic tiles are individually cut tiles all held together with a fabric mesh. This makes it easier to cut the sheet to fit around any tricky areas for a uniform look. However, the mesh does make installation a little more difficult as it’s harder to get even pressure on the entire sheet when pressing the sheet into the adhesive. Enter Mosaic Backer Sheets, a handy invention that prevents you from putting more pressure on certain tiles during installation and ensuring a flat, smooth surface. Mosaic Backers come in one size (300x300mm) which fits a standard mosaic sheet and are 2mm in thickness. They’re easily cut to size and best of all, there’s no need for spacers when using these as they keep the mosaic sheets evenly spaced.


Product Details
  • SKU 450800
  • Weight 0.10 KG
  • Colour Silver Grey

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