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Ultracolor Cement Grey 113 Flexible Grout 5kg

SKU: 6011305A
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£16.49 each
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Make the most of your new tiles by opting for the best grout around - Mapei Ultracolor Plus, a high-performance, quick setting grout available in all manner of colours!

Key Features

  • Rapid setting

  • Interior and exterior use

  • Suitable for dry or wet conditions

  • Mapesil AC silicone sealant available in corresponding colours
  • Mould and mildew resistant

Featuring Mapei’s specially developed DropEffect © technology is an ultra premium, fast-setting, polymer-modified, colour-consistent, non-shrinking, efflorescence-free grout for joint widths from 2mm to 2cm. DropEffect technology reduces surface absorption to help repel water, dirt, and grime from penetrating grout joints.

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Annmarie 25/05/22

Works really well with the slabs we bought

Verified Buyer

Michael Davies 12/05/22

Verified Buyer

Decima Isles-Broughton 11/04/22

Very good match for the slabs

Verified Buyer

Guest 11/09/21

Great product, does what it

Great product, does what it says on the tin

Verified Buyer

Stuart D. 08/09/21

I bought 3 bags of

I bought 3 bags of this grout which cost over £75 . It turned out I only needed one bag to finish the job, when I phoned Tile Mountain about returning the grout and paying for the delivery they refused to co - operate . NOT IMPRESSED


We are sorry to see that you are dissatisfied with our returns policy. As advertised on our website prior to ordering, we do not accept back part orders or perishable products such as grout, adhesive, etc. However, we are sorry if you were not aware of this at the time of ordering. If you wish to discuss this any further, please do give a member of our customer service team a call.

Verified Buyer

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Anthony 21/04/22

How many bags do I need for 34m2


Our advice: This would depend on the size of the tiles and the thickness of the grout joints. Please email us @ customer.service@tilemountain.co.uk or call 01782 223822 to discuss this further.

Adam 15/06/21

I have 110m sq of the Dunsen tile for an exterior patio. It is recommending 2 bags at the checkout of this grout. We are going for the 3mm joints so would 2 bags suffice?


Our advice: If you change the grout joint to 3mm the recommendation will update to 3 bags to cover an area of this size

Neil D. 06/10/20

Hi was I’ll be tiling a floor area of 30 sq metres 600x600 tiles with a 3mm grout line, how many bags of this grout would you recommend, thanks.


Our advice: One bag of adhesive would be required for this project

Alison 04/05/20

What is the coverage with a 5kg bag?


Our advice: There are many variables including size and depth of the tile, size of grout joint etc. An approx coverage would be 15m2

Emma 09/03/20

Do I need adhesive as well? I am using metropolis ceramic tiles on the floor & getting a tiler to come and do it.


Our advice: You will need to fix the tiles to the substrate using adhesive. It would be useful to ask your tiler if they are supplying the adhesive, or if you would need to purchase it.

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