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8mm Chrome Square Edge Metal Trim

Size 8mm - 2.44m
SKU: 450945
70 pieces In Stock
£9.99 each
£9.99 inc VAT


Complete your tiling and introduce a sense of professionalism with these Chrome Square Edge Metal Trims, perfect for a flawless finish. 


Key Features:

  • Available in multiple thicknesses
  • 2.44m in length
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Durable, high quality metal 


There's no better feeling than standing back and admiring the tiling job you’ve been working on, and what better way to do it than with these Chrome Square Edge Metal Trims? The chrome finish of these trims is sure to introduce an impeccable aesthetic across your tiling, whether that be modern or something more traditional. Available multiple thicknesses, you can be sure to find the best trim for your project. Since they’re made from a durable metal, you can put your faith in these trims and be sure they’ll last you years to come.

Product Details
  • SKU 450945
  • Weight 1.00 KG
  • Height 2440
  • Width 8
  • Material Metal

Product Reviews

Jamie L. 12/04/21

Finished off around windows lovely,

Finished off around windows lovely, great product

Verified Buyer

Sharron 03/11/23

I have tried to order these but it says I can only order quantities of 10, I only need 3?


Our advice: We are sorry, but currently, we are only able to fulfil orders at a minimum of x10 pieces.