2020 Tile Trends: The Experts Predict What’s Next

With the new year on well and truly here, we decided to reach out once again to our resident interior design experts to let us know what they think the top tile trends will be for the next twelve months. With such a huge choice of tile designs on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with indecision on what will give your room design a fresh new look but retain lasting impact.

The good news is that plenty of our favourites from years’ past are still riding high, a great sign that if you are planning a project in 2020 using tiles, these are the twelve trends that will likely have staying power.

Sculptural Relief

Textured tiles will focus on the sensory experience in 2020. Three dimensional and sculptural shapes bring a whole new, tactile quality to tiles where contrasting surfaces play with light with striking effects. From reeded and embossed, carved and bas relief, use textured tiles in neutral tones as a way to create a statement without overwhelming the room.” Tiffany Grant-Riley, Curate and Display

“Textured tiles are coming through in a big way for bathrooms.” Karen Knox, Making Spaces

“Anything with a textural relief is huge news right now across the interior landscape but no more so than on walls. The use of embossed tiles is only getting more popular, adding interest and a dynamic feel to more utilitarian spaces.” Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy

Statement Pattern Tiles

Patterned floor tiles seem to be here to stay – whether it’s the encaustic/cement style of tiles in bold geometric shapes and bright colour pops, or more subtle, traditional patterned tiles, a feature floor is a great way to bring a bit of wow factor to a space.” Pia Pelkonen, Pia Design Interior Architecture

“There was a time when bathroom tiles tended to be more subtle and neutral, but bathroom design trends are moving towards more patterns, bright colours and bold statements. Patterned wall tiles can be used to create a striking feature on a bathroom wall or create a rug-like feature on a floor.” Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog

Handmade Artisanal

“Perhaps my favourite trend so far is the artisanal tile with a handmade feel. As we look to our homes for comfort and familiarity, we want to include those lived-in, unique touches that make a house a home. Celebrate tiles with natural imperfections like Zelig and encaustic, they’re a more cost-effective way to achieve a reclaimed look that add character to both contemporary and period homes.”  Tiffany Grant-Riley, Curate and Display

“We feel so connected to those things that look and feel as though the hand of the maker is present. The artisan look continues to make waves and we’re seeing a real increase in the use of ‘imperfect’ design – softly aged, rough textures and variations in colour or texture in your tiles is a lovely way to add some timelessness or history to your home.” Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy

Green Tiles

“The colour green is likely to continue to be popular this year, so expect to see shades of green tiles used in bedroom, kitchen and hallway decor. It can be a soothing colour and acts as a connection with (and a reminder of) nature, bringing colours of the outside world inside our homes. ” Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog

“I’m expecting there to be lots of green from shades of mint right through to Forest Green.” Pippa Jameson, Pippa Jameson Interiors

Smaller Tiles and Mosaics

“I’m seeing a lot more small tiles and even mosaic tiles being used recently, which is really exciting – smaller tiles are a great way to break up the uniformity of a space, and playing with a mixture of large and small format tiles adds depth and character.” Pia Pelkonen, Pia Design Interior Architecture

“Perhaps with so many adopting the metro tile, there’s been a bit of pushback and we’re seeing so many embracing simple square tile designs – both in standard sizes as well as in smaller mosaics. It’s such a classic shape that works pretty much everywhere.” Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy

Dark Kitchens

“This year I think we’ll be seeing more dark kitchen designs, particularly black kitchens, so black kitchen tiles will be making a comeback. This includes both black wall tiles and black floor tiles, in both glossy, matt and textured finishes. They’re perfect to use to create a striking black kitchen design and combine wonderfully well with metallic fixtures, such as gold and copper.” Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog

Wood Effect Tiles

“One of the major benefits of tiles is their versatility and ability to create the look of a different material. Wood effect tiles, in particular, are coming into their own, especially in terms of flooring. Wood effect floor tiles can be used brilliantly to give the look of a wooden floor – think parquet flooring, for example – and I think we’ll be seeing porcelain tiles used in more and more creative ways.” Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog

Geometric & Art Deco

“Geo tiles will continue to be fashionable as well as more exciting shapes including some deco styles.” Pippa Jameson, Pippa Jameson Interiors

“Art deco is set to be big in tile trends for 2020 giving a graphic, sleek and sophisticated look to any space. If this is a little wild for your taste, consider using them on a feature wall instead.” Becky Goddard-Hill, A Beautiful Space

Slim and Vertical Tiles

“Finger tiles. Move over bog-standard metro tiles, there’s a taller, thinner version coming your way.” Karen Knox, Making Spaces

“I’m expecting to see metro tiles still a trend; after lots of herringbone patterns in 2019, I’m noticing these clean and classic tiles being laid vertically recently, so I think that idea may catch on more widely in 2020!” Antonia Ludden, #TidyLife

A Focus on Grout Lines

“We’ll experiment with more fun colours with grout – think 80s colour palettes.” Pippa Jameson, Pippa Jameson Interiors

“Grout lines with mixed format tiles with the overall design produced by a bold coloured grout line.” Karen Knox, Making Spaces


Totomoxtle tiles made from corn husks created by Fernando Lapossa in Mexico

“There will be new materials being used for tiling which will fall in line with sustainability everything from bamboo right through to corn husks!” Pippa Jameson, Pippa Jameson Interiors


“Terrazzo has been big news for some time but we’re starting to see many more with oversized aggregate. Either in monochrome/greyscale combinations or with bright pops of colour.” Karen Knox, Making Spaces


So there you have it! Twelve different trends from those in the know that are going to be big news in 2020. As you can see, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your style. Which is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments or share your photos with us by tweeting us @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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