Cheers to Style: Innovative Outdoor Bar Ideas for Entertaining in Elegance

Welcome to your ultimate guide to transforming your garden into a sophisticated and inviting outdoor bar area. As the weather warms up, there’s no better time to rethink your outdoor space and create a stylish retreat where you can entertain friends and family. One of the key elements in creating the outdoor space of your dreams is the introduction of the right paving slabs. Not only do they provide a durable and practical foundation, but they also elevate the overall aesthetic of the space, working hand in hand with our stylish outdoor bar ideas!


1 – Indoor-Outdoor Design

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with large patio doors, we highly recommend making the most of this and opening the space up to your garden design. We stock a variety of floor tiles that can be used internally and externally, or, have a complementary outdoor slab that works alongside them, for a seamless indoor-outdoor integration. Having large patio doors offers the opportunity to have an indoor bar that can also be used for outdoor entertainment. The journey from the interior to the exterior is beautifully simple, creating an elegant and practical outdoor bat environment. Utilize some trendy garden furniture to create that communal bar vibe, and your garden will be the new hotspot!


Outdoor bar ideas: This elegant outdoor bar setup features a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living with large, modern concrete tiles. The open space is furnished with comfortable green barstools and cosy lounge chairs, perfect for entertaining guests. The minimalistic design and natural elements create a stylish and inviting atmosphere for any outdoor gathering.

Above, Maddox Grey Anti Slip Porcelain Floor Tile


2 – Food and Drink Served Here

A lot of us are getting ready for those warmer summer months where every night is a BBQ night! The BBQ is getting scrubbed and prepped, ready to host our family and friends, so why not host in style and double up your BBQ area as a bar? What’s a good burger without a good drink to complement? A lot of BBQ setups feature a lot of extra counter space, so make use of this and fill it with your favourite drinks and mixers to wow your guests! What’s your favourite cocktail? Make it a special on the menu!


Outdoor bar ideas: This stylish outdoor space features a modern grey tiled patio with a rustic wooden picnic table and benches, ideal for al fresco dining and entertaining. The setup includes a sleek outdoor kitchen area with a built-in barbecue, perfect for cooking and serving drinks in a relaxed, open-air environment. The combination of natural wood and contemporary tiles creates a chic and functional outdoor bar area.

Above, Merlot Grey Slate Effect Large Outdoor Porcelain Slab


3 – Authenticity is Key

You need accessories and decor that complement that style to achieve a true bar atmosphere. Down to the napkins, glasses and seating, authenticity is key to a successful outdoor bar. We love the idea of picking out the best drinking glasses for the role, with so many different designs and styles to choose from. The choice you make will set the tone for your bar personality. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, we highly recommend checking our charity shops and what glassware they have to offer, you’d be surprised at the treasures you can find at a fraction of the original price!


Outdoor bar ideas: Celebrate in style with refreshing cocktails at your outdoor bar. This image showcases vibrant drinks garnished with fresh herbs and citrus slices, perfect for a summer gathering. The clinking of glasses under ambient lighting adds to the festive atmosphere, making your outdoor bar the ultimate spot for socialising and relaxation.


4 – Comfortable Seating for All

Seating is also obviously a vital element within your outdoor bar design. It’s so important to create ample seating opportunities for you and your guests that fit the vibe of the occasion. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you need a table and chair set, but if it’s a more intimate evening that requires elegance and sophistication, invest in some comfortable outdoor sofa seating. Our slabs are sure to be the perfect accompaniment for any outdoor furniture, as we stock a range of styles and shades, so you can find the perfect match for your dream outdoor space!


Create a chic and comfortable outdoor bar area with modern grey tiles and stylish wicker furniture. This setup features a sleek glass coffee table, perfect for serving drinks and snacks. The combination of rustic brick walls and contemporary seating makes for a cosy and inviting space to  entertain guests and enjoy the outdoors.

Above, Portman Grey Stone Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab


5 – Cosy Mood Lighting

Lighting is vital to any design. It plays a key part in creating the atmosphere you desire. For example, if it’s something bright and airy you’re hoping for, we recommend ample larger lighting in cool tones, but if it’s something a little more cosy and intimate you love, use smaller, warmer lights to achieve this. We love the use of this fireplace as a centrepiece of this seating area. It offers a soft way of lighting the space while doubling as a heat source if things get chilly. This style complements our outdoor patterned slabs perfectly, creating a unique atmosphere that you and your guests will love for years to come.


Elevate your outdoor bar experience with a cosy fire pit setup surrounded by a beautifully patterned tile rug area. The circular fire pit creates a warm focal point, perfect for evening gatherings, while the cushioned wicker seating provides comfort and style. This inviting space is ideal for enjoying drinks and conversations under the stars.

Above, Mischen Light Grey Decor Concrete Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab


6 – All Things Bright and Beautiful

To open your space up, try using slabs or tiles that are brighter in colour and tone. This is sure to create an expansive feel that is welcoming and comfortable. It exudes luxury and expense while maintaining that cosy outdoor vibe. This will complement any outdoor bar space, as it offers the best of both worlds – a high-end bar vibe while remaining homely and rustic. What more could you want? Continue this aesthetic indoors with the use of one of our previously mentioned indoor-outdoor tiles.


Embrace seamless indoor-outdoor living with this sophisticated open-plan design. Large glass doors lead to a serene patio, perfect for entertaining guests at your outdoor bar. The light grey tiles create a cohesive look, extending from the kitchen to the outdoor seating area. Modern bar stools and a sleek dining table complete the contemporary, minimalist aesthetic, making it an ideal spot for socialising and enjoying nature.

Above, Grange Blanco Matt Floor Tile


With this list of outdoor bar ideas, you can be sure to create a sophisticated space that you will love for years to come. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your designs over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk. You could be featured on our website!

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