Kitchen Tile Trends with Tile Mountain & Wren Kitchens

Tiles may seem like such a small part of your kitchen design, but they create a big impact. Despite representing a way to inject your personal taste into your kitchen, many people are unsure of how to style their tiles. If that sounds like you then fear not as our pals at Wren Kitchens take a closer look at how, through shapes, styles and colours, you can easily transform your kitchen, by getting creative with your tile choices.

Get Creative with Your Splashback

Just because your splashback is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too! While you could choose to get creative with some Rhino Glass, tiles are definitely having a moment. Sophisticated and long-lasting, add a pop of colour to an all-white or all-black kitchen with a bright tile splashback; or opt for muted shades that subtly complement your kitchen’s overall décor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Patterns

The ultra-modern minimalistic look is great, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and artisanal, then patterned tiles are a great way to incorporate this into your kitchen. Opt for antique-style patterns to conjure up a taste of Southern Italy in your home, or invest in some Portuguese-style tiles that wouldn’t look out of place in a chic Lisbon apartment. Whatever your interior design tastes may be, there’ll definitely be a patterned tile that fits your taste so do have a look around Tile Mountain’s huge range of patterned tiles to find one that takes your fancy.

Find New Ways for Subways

Dating back to the early 1900s, subway (or Metro) tiles are now firm favourites in homes across the country. But if you’ve started to tire of this classic look, then it’s time to go one step further and rethink the layout of your tiles.Place your subway tiles in a herringbone style at a 90-degree angle, to draw the focus of the eye upwards, making your kitchen feel light and airy. Alternatively, you can simply place your tiles diagonally. It’s super simple, but it’ll make your kitchen look completely unique, whilst still retaining that classic aesthetic.

Try the Two-Tone Trend

The two-tone kitchen trend is huge right now, but why restrict it to just your cabinets? For a subtle nod towards this movement, opt for tiles in varying shades of the same colour. Green is definitely the kitchen colour of the year, but shades of blue or grey look equally sophisticated. For more of a statement, place your lighter tiles above your darker tiles to create a clear contrast, helping your kitchen to feel more spacious – this is particularly ideal in smaller homes. If the two-tone trend isn’t for you, you can instead create intrigue by using patterned statement tiles or by placing emphasis on the grouting – a dark tile against a backdrop of cream or white grouting can look very chic.

Don’t Forget Your Floors!

When thinking of kitchen tile trends, your walls tend to spring to mind, which is why it’s so important you don’t neglect your floor! One of the biggest trends to make a comeback this year are black and white flooring; but with a twist. Say goodbye to checkerboard-chic and wave hello to bold, graphic designs that add a vintage flair to your kitchen. The great thing about tiles is they’re very hardwearing and easy-to-clean and they’re also now available in designs that replicate all manner of flooring materials. Aged timber, natural stone, and even composites such as Terazzo are all offered in porcelain floor tile format and have seen a steady increase in popularity as they all allow you to have the style that you want but minus the cost and upkeep required of the materials these tiles replicate.

Whether you’re after a total kitchen makeover, or just want to inject your personality into your room, tiles are a great way to achieve this. Just by playing with the placement and colour alone, you can create a kitchen style that’s completely unique!

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