Outdoor Entertainment: Ideas for Bonfire Night

November 5 this year is likely to be a bit of a damp squib, but we’ve got some ideas to made the best of a bad job, so to speak. There’s not been much Trick or Treating and there won’t be any big firework displays either. We think the best idea is to batten down the hatches and have an at-home family event in the back garden with a few sparklers and some fireworks (if you can find any!). Here are our pick of outdoor accessories and design ideas that could help your Bonfire Night celebrations go with a bang…

Perfect Design

We love the design of this outdoor space – the slightly raised area at the end is a great entertaining spot, whatever the weather. We would add a firepit and perhaps an outdoor heater (try HEAT Outdoors for a great choice and overview of what’s available) to make the best use of this garden throughout the year. Shown here are our Kashmir Natura outdoor porcelain slabs, designed to look like very desirable white granite – and best of all, they’ll never need to be sealed.

Black Magic

For a very dramatic outdoor look, and one that will look particularly striking in the evenings, think about our Lava Outdoor Slabs. They have excellent anti-slip properties, are suitable for outdoors, and don’t need sealing. These porcelain slabs are designed to replicate black marble, with white veins. Rather sophisticated we think, and just the job for evening get-togethers on the terrace. Just add cosy throws and a heater between October – April!

It’s Getting Hot Out Here

This interesting bit of kit is the Solo Stove Bonfire, from Ludlow Stoves. Before anyone gets too excited it’s unfortunately out of stock at the moment (as is the case with lots of outdoor products). It’s a posh firepit that burns logs with minimal smoke and leftover ash. So, good for a back garden patio-barbecue area – we wanted just to pop it into your memory box for when things get back to normal (and you’re planning your next outdoor project!).

Tall & Elegant

This is the Tall Iron Firepit from Ella James; it’s a simple design which has a sculptural quality that means it looks neat enough just to stand on the terrace all year round. We love the idea of creating a deck-style look – try our wood-look Vertige Wood Effect Grey Outdoor Slab Tiles to get a weather-worn aesthetic – and needless to say, much easier to install than timber.

Under Cover Lighting

A parasol isn’t just for the summer, it will also come in useful in the autumn as well! Just drape it with lights, such as these Festoon String Lights from Lights4Fun.  Add various tassels and pom-poms as required. And remember, keep a parasol well away from the firepit or outdoor heater (we think a parasol + lights combination is best reserved for the outdoor picnic bench).

Cosify Your Bonfire Night Evening

It’s become normal to see pubs and bars kitting out their outdoor terraces with blankets and cushions and heaters.  Get the look at home by transferring indoor accessories to the outdoors, whilst not forgetting to bring everything back in at the end of the evening, of course. From left; Baa Stool from Limelace, available in lots of colours and with various legs – perfect as a bedroom stool of course – but also rather nice as a cosy perch around the firepit. Middle; This Brown Sheepskin Rug from a selection of shades and sizes at My Little Wish, will perk up a sofa, outdoor chair or bench. Right; Gorgeous Easy Knit Blanket in Yellow by Loaf, perfect for wrapping up in, indoors or out!

Seriously Indulgent

There are only two main drinks that should seriously be offered at a Halloween or Bonfire night party … mulled wine or hot chocolate! So we’re making a suggestion for the hot chocolate side of things – consider treating everyone to a Hot Chocolate Bomb from Prezzybox. Made from Belgian chocolate with marshmallow inside – just add hot milk.

Outdoor Pursuits

For larger outdoor areas, consider planning things so that there is a change of levels – even one or two relatively low steps will add interest to the scheme, and when combined with patterned tiles, can define different areas. These are our Hardblue Light Grey porcelain slabs, the décor tiles have a petal-style design, and there are matching plains as well. For design, quantity and layout advice, contact our online team or take a look at our Tile Patterns pages.

Catering Under The Stars

Ok, as barbecue season is officially over, and most things are sold out, now may be a good time to at least think about planning spring’s outdoor adventures. Which are probably still going to be fairly limited so outdoor cooking is likely to be on the cards again. If you have a barbecue, don’t put it away for the winter, keep on cooking! After all, we’re used to downpours disrupting a summer barbecue, so don’t get too het up about the odd bit of rain/hail/sleet in the winter. You’ll probably need an assistant by your side, holding up a large umbrella, but hey, it’s part of the fun. And we need every bit of fun we can get after the ups and downs of 2020 so far! Anyway, back to planning ahead, try the Compact Charcoal Barbecue from Von Haus; it’s got a porcelain coated grill and two side tables.

Foxy Friends

And finally, just a little suggestion for a seasonal gift (to yourself, perhaps!), this is the Foxes mug by Sophie Allport. Now, where’s that hot chocolate…

How will you be celebrating Bonfire Night? Let us know in the comments or share your pics with us over on Twitter tagging @TileMountainUK or on Instagram!

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