Stylish on a Budget: Affordable Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas

Revamping your kitchen design doesn’t have to break the bank every time! Whether you’re looking to refresh a tired kitchen lacking personality or style, or completely renovate your interior design, affordable kitchen wall tiles can be your best friend in the process. Dive into our kitchen wall tile ideas to discover how you can transform your kitchen walls without stretching your wallet.


1 – Chevron Styling

For a touch of undoubtable character within your kitchen design, why not try creating a chevron layout with your chosen wall tiles? By doing this, you’re welcoming depth and texture to the space that may otherwise appear flat and lifeless. It creates an extra layer to your design, opening the opportunity to complement the wall space with elegant accessories. We’ve used our Metro Sage Tiles to create this stunning country kitchen atmosphere, and at only £20.95 per square metre, it’s an affordable option that won’t break the bank.


Modern kitchen with sage green herringbone-patterned wall tiles. The kitchen wall tiles add a stylish and contemporary touch to the space, complemented by wooden countertops and open shelves.

Above, Metro Sage Wall Tiles


2 – Beautifully Beige

For simplistic elegance, we recommend welcoming cream tiles to your wall design. This can open up the opportunity for a range of styles and designs across your kitchen wall, through your choices of decor and accessories. Simple beige and cream tones can also aid in creating a soft and calming atmosphere across the kitchen, perfect for a friendly and inviting tone. We’ve used our Metro Cream Wall Tiles to create this modern natural scheme, ideal for refreshing with a different style in a few years when you’re ready for a refresh!


Close-up of a cosy kitchen setting featuring cream-colored metro wall tiles. The kitchen wall tiles create a sleek and elegant backdrop, enhancing the warm ambiance of the wooden countertop and ceramic mugs.

Above, Metro Cream Wall Tiles


3 – Deep Olive Vibes

A trend we’re seeing more and more of is the use of deep olive colourings, creating a deep and atmospheric effect that is perfect for an intimate kitchen design. Pair with dark accents like black or deep grey to enhance this look, creating a luxurious kitchen design. We love the use of our Manacor Basil Green tiles in this example, as they offer that on-trend olive green tone while remaining versatile enough to try different styles and designs.


Cosy kitchen corner featuring cream metro wall tiles with a glossy finish. The kitchen wall tiles provide a classic, elegant look, complementing the wooden countertop and white ceramic mugs.

Above, Manacor Basil Green Wall Tiles


4 – Vibrant Palettes

Incorporating vibrant colours into your kitchen wall tiles completely transforms the atmosphere, making it feel more lively and inviting. Bright hues, such as bold blues, sunny yellows and energetic reds, can infuse your design with a sense of warmth and creativity. These tones not only reflect light, enhancing the liveliness of the space but also add a playful element that can make the kitchen experience all that bit more excitable. Whether used as a striking splashback or a full-feature wall, colourful tiles are a fantastic way of personalising your home, making it a cheerful and welcoming space.


Contemporary kitchen featuring bold teal wall tiles arranged in a brick pattern. The kitchen wall tiles add a vibrant pop of colour, complemented by sleek grey cabinets, a modern black faucet, and minimalist decor.

Above, Metro Teal Wall Tiles


5 – Deep Black Atmosphere

By introducing black tiles into your kitchen design, you’re making a style statement. This statement means that you’re not afraid to make bold choices and be brave within your home. We love the atmosphere that black wall designs emit, with them being dark and moody, maintaining that sultry and sophisticated feel. There is a variety of ways of using black wall tiles in the kitchen, but across the splashback ensures a classy and elegant design, and opens up the opportunity to complement the wall with a variety of accessories and accompaniments.


Rustic kitchen with dark graphite wall tiles arranged in a vertical pattern. The kitchen wall tiles provide a rich, textured backdrop, complemented by wooden cabinetry, a copper faucet, and warm decorative accents.

Above, Artesano Graphite Wall Tiles


6 – Hexagonal Moments

By using hexagonal tiles across the walls of your kitchen, you’re creating a designer feel that oozes modernity and contemporary style. We offer hexagonal tiles in a wide range of styles and colours, so choose an option that suits you and your personal vibe, All of our options share one important quality, elegance. We love the way hexagonal tiles make the kitchen splashback look, and think it’s a trend to keep an eye on!


Modern kitchen with striking black hexagon wall tiles creating a geometric backdrop. The kitchen wall tiles add a contemporary flair, complemented by a wooden shelf, copper faucet, and marble countertop.

Above, Kromatika Hexagon Black Porcelain Wall & Floor Tile


7 – Marvellous Mosaics

The versatility that comes with mosaic tiles is one that we are constantly amazed at. Seeing what some of our customers choose to do with their mosaics blows us away! They are also an affordable way of introducing a wealth of character and texture to your design, without having to worry too much about difficult installation. Their smaller mosaic pieces create detail across the wall space and are available in a range of patterns and styles, so they will seamlessly integrate themselves into any kitchen design.


Charming kitchen with blue mosaic wall tiles creating a detailed and intricate backsplash. The kitchen wall tiles add a touch of elegance, complemented by white cabinetry, a granite countertop, and a vintage-style oven.

Above, Bayeux Blue Glass Mosaic


8 – Kit Kat Tile Trends

We’re sure you’ve all seen, but Kit Kat tiles are making a huge breakthrough in terms of what’s trending in the tile world. We’ve noticed a massive increase in popularity, and truly understand why! They offer a beautiful fluted effect, creating a tactile element to your wall design. With our variety of colour options within our Kit Kat range, you can be sure to find a style that complements your design personality and home. We love the warm grey tones of our Rubik Greige tiles, as they create a comforting kitchen atmosphere, perfect for hosting friends and family!


Stylish kitchen with greige ceramic wall tiles featuring a Kit-Kat effect. The kitchen wall tiles add a textured, modern look, complemented by a wooden countertop and minimalistic decor, including a white pitcher and speckled mugs.

Above, Rubik Greige Kit Kat Effect Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile


9 – Simple Country Kitchen Design

For a classy yet rustic style, welcome a country kitchen atmosphere into your home. We recommend using metro tiles to create this style, as they can be dressed with textures and tones to enhance the look and feel of that farmhouse aesthetic. Pair with wood surfaces and warm neutral tones for the desired effect. Farmhouse kitchens are notorious for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere, reminding us of home and family.


Bright and cosy kitchen with white mini metro wall tiles arranged in a classic brick pattern. The kitchen wall tiles create a clean and fresh look, complemented by wooden countertops, open shelving, and rustic decor.

Above, Mini Metro White Wall Tiles


With that, you have our top Kitchen Wall Ideas for when you’re sticking to a budget! Be sure to tag us in images of your refresh over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk and you may get featured on our website!

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