Terrazzo Bathroom Ideas – Using Terrazzo Tiles In The Bathroom

Increasingly popular throughout Europe, terrazzo tiles and terrazzo bathrooms are certainly having their moment to shine. The fascinating textures across terrazzo create a beautiful amount of depth and character in a bathroom. It also creates a space that’s more exciting and adventurous than a plain bathroom design. Here are our terrazzo bathroom ideas to help you achieve the popular look.


1- Mixing Terrazzo With Natural Materials

Combining terrazzo with natural materials can create a harmonious and balanced bathroom space. The natural flecks in the terrazzo tiles will work hand in hand with materials like wood or cement. This can show that your design has been carefully considered and planned out. The natural materials neutralise any harshness across the rest of the room, like bright colours or harsh textures. Natural bathroom schemes enhance that spa-like feeling, creating a relaxing and euphoric space for you to unwind after a long day. These Trend White tiles are the perfect example of using terrazzo to create a natural and calming space. The wooden countertop complements the scheme seamlessly.

Above, Trend White Terrazzo Wall And Floor Tile.


2- Using The Same Terrazzo Tile Across Both The Walls And Floors

By using the same terrazzo tile across both your wall and floor space, you’re creating a seamless transition between the two most vital areas of your bathroom scheme. It creates a flexible design, as you can be sure that if a piece of furniture complements the walls, it’ll complement the floors. There’s also no need to stress about finding a flooring option that will match you wall tiles or vice versa. Using the same tiles is sure to create a contemporary bathroom space that’s unique and carries plenty of intrigue.

Above, Trend White Terrazzo Multicolour Wall And Floor Tile.


3- Pair Your Terrazzo With Simple Accessories

If you’re worried about the space becoming too overwhelming or bold to look at, pair your tiles with simple accessories and bathroom furniture. Stay away from anything too fancy and ornate, and stick to plain surfaces and simple designs. For example, if you have a terrazzo tile with darker flecks running throughout, consider using matt black hardware across your bathroom, to complement and pull out the darker tones. This prevents clashing and creating too many different focal points. On the contrary, if your tiles have lighter ad brighter flecks running throughout, complement this with lighter hardware and accessories.

Above, Ofelia Porcelain Floor Tile.


4- Use Large Scale Terrazzo To Make a Statement

If it’s a bold and vibrant scheme you’re looking for, consider terrazzo tiles that are on a larger scale and feature big flecks of material throughout. The larger scale of the flecks will create a contemporary feel that will complement a modern home gracefully. The larger scale of the flecks gives the tile a chance to shine, with the colour and detailing being the focal point. It allows you to be more creative with the colours you pair with the tiles, and how you style the bathroom with it’s accessories.

Above, Trend White Terrazzo Multicolour Wall And Floor Tile.


5- Combining Different Terrazzo Textures

By combining different terrazzo textures throughout a bathroom space you’ll be creating an incredibly modern and contemporary space, with plenty of texture and depth. With a space so rich in texture, we’d recommend keeping some of your accessories slightly more plain and understated to prevent a space that becomes overwhelming to look at. This could end up looking cluttered and messy, so hardware in matt black and furniture in simple styles will complement the area better.

Above, Trend Black Terrazzo Multicolour Wall And Floor Tile.


6- Use Terrazzo To Liven Up A Smaller Bathroom

Terrazzo with light and bright colouring throughout create a vivid and bubbly personality across the face. Coloured terrazzo tiles typically appear quite retro, with blue and coral shades commonly running throughout. It’s for this reason they can be incredibly fun and unique to style. Whether you pick out one colour from the tile and work it throughout the rest of the space, or keep the rest of the scheme plain and simple, they inject a radiant flare in your bathroom space. In a smaller bathroom this is vital, as it’s important to ensure you keep the atmosphere upbeat and playful, so the space doesn’t become too closed in and dismal.

Above, Trend White Terrazzo Multicolour Wall And Floor Tile.


7- Using Dark Terrazzo

On the contrary, if you have the right design, you can use dark terrazzo tiles to create a sophisticated and ‘grown up’ look. Our darker terrazzo tiles are sure to make a bold and intense statement across your bathroom, contradicting their lighter and more playful counter parts. An all-black bathroom is sure to be impactful and you’ll become a style icon among your friends. It’s unconventional and brave to use a darker terrazzo across the whole space. But, when used in the right way it can be incredibly effective at creating a unique and urban bathroom.

Above, Trend Black Terrazzo Wall And Floor Tile.


That rounds up our top ideas for using terrazzo in your bathroom. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your design on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk

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