Insta Gratification: Our Favourite Interior Design Accounts for Summer Style

A few years ago, if you’d asked what the hottest place on the Internet to find home decor inspiration was, most would have said Pinterest. However, with more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is now one of the most exciting platforms to find and follow real home decorators with exceptional style. Thanks to our own obsession with the platform, you don’t have to go searching for the best accounts to follow – we’ve done the hard part for you.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your home this summer, then look no further than our top picks below. All of these accounts are ones we love – from bold and colourful living rooms to rustic inspired outdoor spaces, you’re sure to find a style that resonates with you.



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Happy Friday people, I wish I could say happy fri ‘yay’ but I’m not quite feeling it. It’s my birthday and we’re off to a yurt in the middle of nowhere in what looks like will be absolute torrential rain ALL weekend (there’s an actual flood alert where we’re going) . There’s no WiFi, phone signal or TV obvs (no love island OR insta?!) and we’ll all be sleeping in the same room/yurt, oh joy. I’m not a camper, can you tell? . So I imagine as we can’t sit outside in the evening we’ll be sat in silence sipping warm wine in semi darkness so we don’t wake the kids up. Before they get up at 5 and realise there’s no tv or WiFi 😬🙈 Oh and did I mention this is my birthday ‘treat’ (possibly not my choice!) happy birthday to me! 🤣 . . . #outdoorsofa #outdoorspaces #outdoorliving #outdoorlivingroom #backyard_dreams #backyardgarden #urbanjungle #urbangarden #urbanjungleblog #greenery #gardensofa #gardenlife #gardenroom #homeandgarden #myhometoinspire #mygardentoday #mygardenlife #gardensofinstagram #urbangardenstyle #gardeninspo #gardeninspiration

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If you love vintage or rustic design, you’ll love Theresa Gromski’s feed. With a knack for pulling together a layered look, her images draw you in to pick out every carefully considered detail. Neutrals and natural textures abound with a summer style that’s all about relaxed bohemian living.


Embrace the sunshine with Sofie’s bold design choices! From painted ceilings to bold wallpaper and chic splashes of colour, there’s no shortage of creativity and passion from this mum of 2. Of course, her stunning pink rolltop is a highlight but every room carries plenty of personality and inspiration for your own home this summer.



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Happy hump day! What’s your motivational soundtrack? 🎼

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Kate Spiers homely Glasgow flat is airy, soft and welcoming with soft neutrals and pastels and warm wood providing plenty of inspiration for your home this summer. White walls, high ceilings and herringbone flooring create the perfect base for her easy style but we think you’ll be inspired by her love of rattan, one of the hottest textures of the season and one which will add warmth and texture to your home.


Sarah’s maximalist style is a riot of colour and pattern and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From bold wallpaper, creative gallery walls and lots of greenery, it’s difficult to check out her feed without smiling. Even if you aren’t quite brave enough yet, we’re sure that Nude and the Novice will inspire you to try out something just a little different in your home this summer.



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My kind of content ✨ “A place, a person or a pastime…” 2nd September 2018. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ HOT OFF THE PRESS 🚨 A little thing that I’ve realised recently is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating content. The only thing that matters is that you’re creating content that you love, content that you’re proud of. And as for feeling content, well the same thing goes. What makes you feel content is simply down to the things you love to do, the people you love to surround yourself with and the places you love to spend time in 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “A place, a person or a pastime”, those are the things that never fail to make me feel content. Those are the things that inspire the content that I love to create. Those are the things that are my kind of content 💫 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What’s she crapping on about? You may wonder. Well, I’ve noticed a few of you lovely lot sharing your kind of content over on the ole #mykindofcontent. So, I’ve created a little space where we can all come together to celebrate the little things. A place to feel inspired, a place to create what you want to create and a place where you can embrace all of the different things that sum up what ‘content’ means to you. Introducing @mykindofcontent_ 🌸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve written a blog post all about it if you fancy a gander, as always the link is in my bio. So, what does content mean to you? Join the my kind of content club and let’s raise a glass (or three) to embracing the little things that we love ❤️

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We love Chelsea’s home for many reasons, not least of which is the (rather surprising) fact that her gorgeous space is a rental property. On her feed, you’ll be inspired with how she’s truly made it her own, from clever styling to creative finds, all with a feminine twist. Check out her feed for inspiration on everything from stylish storage to creating the perfect shelfie.



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The last couple of weeks have been mind-blowingly manic. I am just coming out of the crazy haze. We some great projects on the go plus I have been super busy here at home👆🏻. Stay tuned for some updates over the next few weeks and I will post what I have been up to and also what is new around these parts . . . Don’t forget to keep tagging your images with #styleitdark too. We will host our favs on Stories. Make sure you are following the hosts for chance of guest hosting with us next week, @andthentheywentwild, @artynads, @jazzierere and @mydarkhome_ Plus take a moment to check out last weeks winner 👉🏻@couthyhome. We discovered her account via the #styleitdark hashtag last week and it is an absolute beaut 😍. Go follow and show love ❤️. Happy hump day all x Photography👆🏻by the amazing @loljohnsonphotography for @housebeautifuluk

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While dark interiors are all the rage, Nicki’s home just proves how well it can work for any season – even summer. Her aesthetic is chic and comfortable, with vintage finds mixing with contemporary pieces along with beautifully designed children’s rooms to boot. If you’re looking for luxe eclectic styling, you’ll definitely want to give her a follow.



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Now I know I always said this page was born out of a desire for me to spend a little more time behind the lens and show you the journey of designing our dream home but I also realise that many of you may not follow my original Instagram account or watch my YouTube videos and may not know anything about me so I thought I’d introduce myself a little. I’m @lydiaemillen and this is my page sharing the home I share with my husband @aligordon89 and our two Bengal babies @lumiandlynxbengal we bought the house over a year ago before it ever went to market from the people that built it. We actually lost the house we initially offered on only for them to come back 2 days before we completed on this one, offering to sell to us. I’m so glad that fate worked in our favour because this little house is the most magical place in the world to me. The quiet here is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and it really does feel like an escape every time I walk through the door. But anywho, a little about me, I’m 31 years old and I’ve been blogging for nearly 8 years. It became my full time job around 5 years ago and I still love it as much now as I did then. I started off talking about fashion and evolved through a lil fitness phase to beauty and on the purchase of this home, now interiors. Being totally honest, I look back over the last year of living here and it’s been a bit of an interesting one. I really thought I’d move in and decorating would be a walk in a park but I’d never lived in a house that offer so much possibility creatively. I could experiment with colour and texture and it was all very daunting. I made mistakes and probably wasted a little bit of money in the process too you don’t get in a car for the first time knowing how to drive it, you have to learn the ropes and I now feel like it’s all making more sense, my style is becoming a lot more cohesive and I’m able to make decisions on furniture, fabrics and finishing touches, and I trust my decision. Right now I really feel like I’ve fallen head over heels with interior design, I can’t wait to share more on this little corner of Instagram with you!

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If you love the look of country living with a touch of luxe, Lydia’s home feed is definitely one to love. Her home in Buckinghamshire is awash in neutral hues with plenty of classic, tailored pieces and rustic touches from luxury brands to bargain buys. We love her soft neutral kitchen and gorgeous garden as well for the best of summer inspo this season.


With soft colours and a warm mix of both old and new, Ruthie’s home is a treasure trove of inspiration. Her eclectic style is perfect for relaxed family living, with plenty of layered textures and creative styling. If you are a plant or flower lover, you’ll be inspired by how she uses both throughout every room in her home.



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(AD – gifted) Are you a fitted or a flat sheet kind of person? I’ve always been fitted but for the life of me can’t work out how to fold them. It’s like trying to fold up a pop up tent. It never looks the way it looked when you bought it! So I’m trying out a flat sheet for the first time, but don’t worry (because you’re all out there on the edge of your seats right now…) if it all goes terribly wrong this set @californiadesignden sent me has both a flat sheet and fitted. So I can always go back to my old fitted ways. Phew…. But before I give up before I’ve even started, any tips for a newbie over here? 🙋‍♀️😂 Product list: Shelving and picture frames bought from @ikeauk Pendant lamp ring hangers DIY (link to blog post in stories) Cushions gifted in a previous collaboration with @westelmuk Clock gifted in a previous collaboration with @ukmuji Hanging planters DIY (link in stories)

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And last but by no means least, we love Francesca’s feed, not only for her warm contemporary styling but also for the wealth of DIY projects she shares. Her creativity means many of the items she shares in her beautiful home are hand-made, making it simple for you to emulate the look if you fancy getting creative this summer.

And now it’s your turn! Which Instagram accounts are your favourites for interior design inspiration for summer style? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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