Decorating Your Bathroom with Mosaics: A Practical Guide

A bathroom can take on many roles from a practical space for the rushed start of your early morning routine, right through to a restful sanctuary at the end of a busy day. With so many design decisions to make and options to choose from, creating a stylish small space that also meets a variety of your needs may seem daunting. However, mosaics may be the perfect tile to help you create a stylish and unique look all your own.

The Benefits of Mosaic Tiles

The beauty of mosaic tiles is their versatility. Usually mounted on a mesh backing, they are made up of a number of smaller tiles, allowing you to cover a larger surface area without having to individually place each one. These smaller tiles make it much easier to fit around pipes, hardware, or fixtures for a seamless look without having to make multiple cuts. Simply cut the mesh to the shape required and install as you would a regular tile.

They also allow you to get creative, using mosaics as an accent, for a full feature wall or to create something totally unique within your space. We recommend the use of mosaic backer sheets to work alongside your mosaic tiles to make installation even easier. Check out our helpful video here for more information.


If you are looking to turn your bathroom into a relaxing haven where you can pretend you are in a pampering spa without ever leaving the house, you’ll want to choose soothing colours in neutral shades that resemble the cooling stones of earth (think greys and browns). The gorgeous tonal shades of our Toscana Mixed Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating soothing scheme and complement our Toscana Silver Rectified Wall and Floor Tiles for a coordinated and relaxing aesthetic.

Produced using the very latest inkjet technology our Bengal Beige Mosaic Tiles provide the look of natural slate without the requirement for sealing. These soft beige mosaic tiles are perfect for a spa-like feel. Simply combine them with natural wood accents, lush greenery, and fluffy white towels to create for the ideal spa-esque escape!

Moody Mosaics

Of course, a spa-like look is not your only option with mosaic tiles. These beautiful natural slate tiles will allow you to bring the outside in and create a characterful feature in your bathroom. Darker colours are certainly on trend right now, so consider combining our Black Split Face Mosaic Tiles with darker fixtures or black hardware for a unique take on the look. Afraid to come over to the dark side? Never fear! Our split face tiles come in a myriad of colours and finishes including Oyster, Copper, Silver and Multi-Colour too, each providing a different slant on this natural, earthy look.

If you are looking for something really unique for your bathroom design, you’ll love the look of our Diesel Glass Mosaic Tiles. These beautiful tiles are light reflective and mimic the look of oil slicked streets with blues, purples, golds, silvers and reds swirling just below the surface. A feature wall comprising of these tiles will certainly turn heads or alternatively, consider using them as an accent with plain tiles for an injection of colour.

Outside In

Like pebbles smoothed by rushing rivers, our Hammered Blue Glass Pebble Mosaic Tiles will softly reflect both natural and artificial light. Whilst they look great in a kitchen setting as seen above, they are equally adept for create a beautiful backdrop to your bathroom. If you’re looking to create for a calm and serene space, these will remind you of connecting with nature as you sink under luxurious bubbles after a long hard day. Pure bliss!

For something more neutral but equally as nature-inspired, check out our Ribera Slate Effect Wall Tiles which mimic natural stone without the upkeep required of the natural product. The rustic appearance will work beautifully in traditional or character properties but can also add a warm and welcoming texture to newer properties too.

We have a huge selection of mosaics, so be sure to check them out and remember that you can try before you buy with our free cut sample service!

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