‘Aving It Large: How To Make a BIG Impact Using Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles create a big impact for your tiling schemes, and you’ll be pleased to learn that big tiles don’t necessarily mean a big cost. Here are some of our favourites to get your 2021 reno projects off to a flying start!

Big Tiles, Big Impact

The trend for gardens and outdoor spaces featuring linear and structured designs means that large format outdoor slabs are an excellent choice for creating a streamlined, neat look. Give the impression of extra width for a long and narrow garden by laying rectangular slabs width wise. These are our Granito Grey Outdoor Matt Porcelain Slabs measure in at 400mm  x 800mm and replicate granite (and they come in a black version too!). For extremely useful installation info, download our Large Format Installation Guide.

Hall Stories

Large format plank-like tiles are such a good idea for a hallway – these are our Madeira Toscana Polished Wood Effect Floor Tiles and they come in 248mm x 1000mm format. They’re also quite similar in looks to our Vintage Wood Effect Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles  which come in a slightly smaller format, 150mm x 600mm, that may be a better choice for small spaces. Whichever you decide upon, it’s difficult to resist the practicality of dark-coloured wood-effect tiles that will withstand all those muddy wellies and wet shoes this winter!

Bathroom Bliss

Our large format tiles Evolution Matt Natural Grey look like natural stone with a brushed finish, and the porcelain construction means that virtually no maintenance is required. Just the job for a sleek wet-room! When working on the layout, if you are able to, position walls and screens to minimise tile cuts to achieve that sleek and minimalist look. Interior Design Tip: Avoid the need for blinds in the bathroom, let in maximum light and keep your privacy by specifying opaque or frosted glass for the windows.

The Perfect Pair

Our Quartzite Grey Matt Tiles come in two generously sized formats; 600mm x 600mm and 300mm x 600mm. These tiles all feature rectified edges, meaning that the grout lines look very precise and accurate. The brick-pattern used for the wall here emphasises the width of the room, and the square floor tiles are laid in a standard square grid. Oh, and if you’re thinking about creating a real indoor:outdoor vibe, these particular tiles can also be used outdoors too.

Dark Designs

Our Cliff Grafite Grey Porcelain tiles come in 300mm x 600mm format, and can create a very dramatic dark scheme, especially if teamed with a dark grey grout. And don’t forget, if you prefer to use white grout, that will create a very graphic, structured look. Once again, position tiles carefully when dry laying ahead of installation so as to avoid awkward cuts, especially if a mirror or cabinet is to be placed centrally.

Open Up

Oooh, it’s a bit chilly for wide open sliding doors at the moment! But don’t let that thought stop you! Bring the outdoors indoors by running large-format indoor-outdoor tiles straight through the ground floor kitchen-dining-terrace areas. Our Grange porcelain tiles are designed to have the appearance of brushed concrete and come in two options; 900mm x 900mm and 600mm x 1200mm. Just right for minimising grout lines and creating a seamless run-through from front to back of your kitchen-garden space.

Simply Desirable

Yet another 600mm x 600mm dark grey natural stone effect porcelain floor tile from our expansive selection! This is Titanio in a dark Grafito grey; it also comes in a softer, paler shade of Grey, which is perhaps a more neutral shade. Also in a smaller rectangular 300mm x 600mm format, which could perhaps suit splashbacks in bathrooms and kitchens. And as always, we can supply dark, light and white shades of grout, as well as adhesive.

Softstone Daydream

Finish off your dream kitchen with some very swishy floor tiles, such as our Stoneage Lux Sandin a 600mm x 600mm format, with the appearance of sandstone and a semi-polished finish. Sheer luxury, and a great accompaniment to classic cabinetry and sunny sky lights.  Rectified edges are straight and smooth, meaning that grout lines are barely visible.

Wide Open Spaces

This living room is of course, very spacious, but the same design principles could be applied to smaller areas to create a similar feel. Sticking to pale, neutral tones is always a good idea, as are curtains or blinds that can be pulled wide open to maximise the view and available light. Interior Design Tip: Place darker, heavier-looking items of furniture at the perimeter of the room to emphasise the spacious floor plan. Our Ural Perla Slate Effect Portcelain Floor Tiles offer an authentic replications of a slate with a realistic surface pattern, and in their 600mm x 300mm format, grout lines are barely visible if a colour-matched grout is used.

Outdoor Ideas

We thought we would leave you this time with more outdoor inspiration, in the shape of our generously sized 600mm x 900mm Ohio Outdoor Anthracite Porcelain Slabs. The large scale format means they are straightforward to install, and because they’re so expansive you’ll use fewer of them (saving you a bit of cash). Just right for outdoor socially-distanced gatherings (if we’re ever allowed again!). Better check out those firepits and outdoor heaters…

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